What to do when Word is not responding?

At that moment when Word does not respond, we must know how to act to try to avoid the loss of the document with which we are working, it is the highest priority, and then apply another series of measures that will prevent this from happening again later.

Surely on more than one occasion what we told you has happened to you, suddenly you are writing in Word and due to circumstances that you do not know, the program hangs and does not let you do anything , which can cause you to irretrievably lose the work you have done.

It is a quite frustrating situation, but in many cases this type of circumstance can be avoided , although on other occasions there is no other option than to resign oneself to losing all or part of the document with the inconveniences that this may entail.

If at any time this happens to you and you see that Word crashes and there is no way to continue with its normal use with the work you were doing, it is best that you follow those tips that we are going to show you below.

Wait a few seconds

Word, like all programs, is not perfect and on occasion it can hang for no apparent reason, in that case one of the things you should do is wait for it to “unfreeze” on its own without having to do anything, so wait a few seconds and even a few minutes if necessary.

Don’t try to jam the PC

In a hurry, you may want the Word crash to finish as soon as possible and start trying to unblock it. You probably won’t succeed and you will end up hanging up your computer as well, so be patient and don’t do it.

Don’t close Word

If you see that Word does not respond, do not try to close it because the changes to your document may not be saved and you will lose it, while the incident is resolved, try to do other types of tasks if possible.

If there is no other option left and you notice that after at least 5-10 minutes Word still does not show signs of sight and is still stuck, the most likely thing is that you assume that you are probably going to lose the work you had previously done in case you have not saved the document, try to take a screenshot or something if possible and close Word so you can open it again .

Recover the document if you have lost it

If you get to this situation, you can try to recover your Word document (when you open Word it should appear on the left). Sometimes and when there is an unexpected shutdown (for example, a power outage) or even forced by ourselves, the program saves a copy of the document that you could bring back.

It will probably not fail you again for a long time, but Word may work erratically for you and every so often it will go unresponsive. In the event that this happens, it is advisable to take another series of measures and recommendations to prevent it from being hung up again and, therefore, to avoid the loss of more documents.

Repair Word

One of the first steps you should take to avoid getting unresponsive again in the future is to repair the program . To do this you will have to invoke the Office installer and repair the suite, in this way you will be able to solve any failure in the software.

For this do the following:

  • Press the Windows + Q key combination, type “add or remove programs” and in the window that opens, look in the list for “Office”.
  • Now you just have to click and click on the option “modify”, in the dialog box click on “quick repair” and follow the steps .

In case this does not correct it, you will have to select the option “online repair” , which is a bit more advanced and slow and requires an Internet connection, so make sure that you are connected to the network without problems.

Update the Office suite

Any Office update is recommended to install it because you make sure with all of them that Word and the rest of the programs in the suite work perfectly since generally the updates come to correct errors, provide improvements and in very few cases news.

The updates can be found in Windows Update , so anyone who has pending installation, do not hesitate to install it when you have your computer free for a few minutes. Remember that to access Windows Update you will have to type the key combination Windows + Q and type “check for updates”.

Uninstall and reinstall Word

The last option is perhaps the most radical, but it is possibly the ultimate solution to repair Word problems if it is not responding. This happens by uninstalling the application and reinstalling it again following the steps indicated above.

The first thing to do is uninstall, to do this, go to “add or remove programs” with the method that we indicated before and click on the “remove” option to remove Word from your system. Then you will have to go back to Google and download Office to install it again.

How to avoid document loss if Word is not responding

Once you have it installed again, we recommend activating the auto-recovery and also the auto-saving, so that if in the future Word stops responding, at least you will have the possibility of recovering the document you were working on.

Activate self-healing

It is convenient to activate the Word auto-recovery so that the document is saved every X minutes in case at some point Word does not respond and hangs so that you can recover it without problems.

Activate autosave

If you have nine of OneDrive, Word offers the possibility of making an automatic save every few seconds if you decide to save the document there, you will only have to activate the upper tab called “autosave”.

With these two small, but effective measures to apply when Word does not respond, the Word document will be safe in case something happens to the program so that it is completely hung and without response. Remember to first follow some previous steps as recommendations and then act with the measures that we have told you in order to solve the incident.

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