How to activate an Entel prepaid chip

This time you should know that Entel is a large telecommunications company that has a long history in the market, so if you want to buy a prepaid Entel chip, the requirements and the procedure to activate it is a fairly simple task.

In the same way, below we are going to explain everything you need to activate an Entel chip and fully enjoy its services.

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  1. What is needed to activate an Entel chip?
    1. A unlocked phone
    2. The Entel chip
    3. Identity card
  2. How long does it take to activate the chip?
  3. Different ways to activate the chip
    1. From the Entel website
    2. By phone call
  4. How do I top up an Entel line?

What is needed to activate an Entel chip?

Entel provides many facilities and using the service is very simple, you can even borrow a balance from Entel through Presta Luca, for that reason and other reasons, more and more users are joining Entel.

In order to activate the Entel chip, it is necessary to comply with the three requirements that we are going to explain to you below.

A unlocked phone

It is essential that the phone on which you are going to activate the prepaid Entel chip is a unlocked phone and that it does not belong to any other operator , because otherwise, when the chip is inserted into the mobile phone, it will not be possible to proceed with the activation.

The Entel chip

By having the mobile phone released, you will go to an authorized agent so that they can sell you the chip that you are going to activate in order to enjoy the services that Entel offers and they are included in the purchase of the chip.

Identity card

In order for them to sell you the Entel company chip, a mandatory requirement is to go and buy it with your identity card or with some identification, because everything related to the chip will be done with the identification number of the card, this means that without identification card they cannot sell you the chip and without the chip there is no activation to perform.

How long does it take to activate the chip?

Activating a prepaid Entel chip is something very simple and quick to do, the investment of time you must do to be able to proceed with the activation and complete the steps successfully does not exceed 5 minutes , since they are short and easy steps.

Different ways to activate the chip

To activate the prepaid Entel Chip, there are two ways or rather there are two procedures to comply with the registration of the assigned telephone number, since when assigning the telephone number the registration is fulfilled and the registration will automatically be activated. line.

The existing ways to activate the line are through the web, directly from the official website of Entel or through a phone call with the chip that has been purchased.

From the Entel website

If you want to activate the service directly from the web, you need to enter the official Entel page to enter the section that says “My Entel portal” , in that part there is an option that says “Activate chip with new phone number “By following these steps, the page will guide you so that you can enter the assigned phone number and you can enjoy Entel’s services.

By phone call

To activate the telephone line of an Entel prepaid chip by means of a telephone call, you must call the number 103, that is, the chip must be inserted into the telephone (remember that it must be released) to make the call to 103 and follow the steps that show you how to register the phone number that has been assigned to you. Upon completing the registration of the telephone number, the line will be activated immediately.

How do I top up an Entel line?

The good thing about using Entel are the facilities it offers, even knowing the Entel cell phone number is simple, which means that it is not mandatory to have to memorize it. Now, to recharge an Entel line there are two options, the first is to do it through an authorized agent in a multi-center with the option of “Recharge Entel”. The second option is to do it through a prepaid card and this is done by calling the number * 109 and following the steps indicated by the operator.

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