Get-A-Grip Chip Review

in this review we will tell you about Get-A-Grip Chip, a fun and colorful 2D platformer developed by Redstart Interactive

Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for platformers and now the platform has been enriched thanks to the arrival of a new exponent of the genre: Get-A-Grip Chip . The title has been available on PC for a few months already, but now it has finally arrived on Nintendo’s hybrid console as well . If you are interested in learning more about this version of Get-A-Grip Chip, then you just have to keep reading our review!

Failure in the assembly line

In Get-A-Grip Chip you take on the role of Chip , a cute little robot who works inside a factory that produces battery robots. Chip’s work was running smoothly but one day, due to an assembly line failure, his colleague Janet went mad and began to destroy the entire facility. With the factory in chaos and the newly built robots missing, it’s up to Chip to find a way to set things right.

The story of Get-A-Grip Chip is really simple and, with the exception of the introduction and the ending, it will never be given much importance in the course of the game . However, this is not a problem within a title so focused on the gameplay, since the story is just a pretext to set the action in motion . Sure, a slightly more interesting storyline would have been appreciated, but in the end this lack doesn’t hurt the game in any way .

Hanging by a Thread – Get-A-Grip Chip Review

Get-A-Grip Chip features elements inspired by the most famous platformers in history , but does not take advantage of one of the most used mechanics since 1981: the jump . In fact, Chip does not have real legs, and consequently is unable to jump in any way . Fortunately, however, the protagonist has a useful grapple that will allow him to cling to certain bolts and overcome the various obstacles in the factory.

Once you hang on to a bolt, you can give yourself the momentum in any direction to reach a new attachment point. Despite your protagonist’s slowness, these air jumps will be quite quick and will require some coordination to avoid having Chip come to a bad end. Furthermore, the bolts will not always be practical points of support, but may also have particular characteristics depending on the level. For example, they may sometimes launch you quickly in a specific direction or they may detach due to your weight .

This variety of footholds helps make the levels complex and challenging, but can sometimes be a little confusing . Despite the various aesthetic differences, in the course of our test it often happened that some unconventional bolts got confused with the background , leading us to otherwise avoidable defeats.

Varieties and Secrets – Get-A-Grip Chip Review

Get-A-Grip Chip has five different “worlds” made up of six levels each, for a total of thirty levels in total . Depending on the “world” in which they are located, these paintings will differ greatly both from an aesthetic point of view and for their structure. Initially you will find yourself in the lower and obsolete floors of the factory, where the levels are very simple and linear . Going forward, however, you will reach the most modern and technological sectors, where you will find in front of you a large number of deadly traps and alternative paths that can test even the most experienced players.

To make the levels even more interesting also contributes the large number of secrets hidden within them. The various paintings in the game are littered with hidden switches, traversable walls, and areas beyond the edge of the frame. The vast majority of these secrets are very cleverly placed and offer additional challenges that should not be underestimated .

In addition to the fun that comes from finding them, the secret areas of the game will also allow you to obtain battery robots . These robots are hidden in every area and collecting them will not only serve to increase your score in the ranking, but also to unlock new levels .

Style and Quality – Get-A-Grip Chip Review

From a graphic point of view, Get-A-Grip Chip certainly does not leave you speechless, but thanks to its pleasant artistic style it still manages to leave a good impression. The characters have a very cute design and the levels are all extremely varied and colorful . In addition, the title also features a really good soundtrack that fits perfectly with the style of each of the five “worlds”.

As for the technical sector, we have nothing to complain about Get-A-Grip Chip. During our test we did not run into any kind of bugs and we did not experience serious frame drops in either portable or docked mode. Moreover, even the various uploads between one level and another are quite fast . We would also like to underline the presence of a very useful feature: the quick reset . This feature will allow you to immediately restart a level with the push of a button and is perfect for anyone looking to set records.


Now the point of our review has finally arrived where we sum up the Get-A-Grip Chip. This title is a really good platformer that is based on including many elements typical of the genre but removing the most classic of all: the jump. The levels are very varied and have an ever increasing complexity able to offer a valid challenge even to the most experienced players. Also, thanks to the abundance of secrets and the online leaderboard, many people will be led to replay the title over and over to improve themselves. If you are looking for a nice platformer to play with for several hours, then Get-A-Grip Chip is the game for you.


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