How to make an armor support with arms in Minecraft – Crafting armor support

Video games are made to be able to enjoy, compete, laugh, adventure and much more; Everything we see in a video game is designed so that someone else can have fun with it.

Actually, the key theme of video games is fun; since without fun in video games there would be no video games, nor would there be people looking to have fun with them.

However, people can find different ways to have fun, even within a particular game. A clear example of this is Minecraft, a “sandbox” adventure game that has been designed so that people can get lost in a vast world in which they can control and shape much of what they see there.

Still, putting Minecraft’s main goals aside , many people can play it so they can venture into the unknown, battle monsters for experience and excitement, build grand buildings, or even meet new people.

This shows that people can use the same video game to play it in different ways as they see fit, even when it is a game as “simple” as Minecraft. But if all the ways of playing Mincraft have something in common, it is the possibility of even bragging about what you’ve done.

Whether you have built a castle that has taken you a long time and that you are proud of, or you want to demonstrate your level through good armor , you can always brag or show, be it for aesthetics or other reason, what you have. and what you are worth. This is why the Minecraft developers have implemented the option of being able to use an armor support.

What is an armor holder?

Throughout the Minecraft game you can get all kinds of materials to create all kinds of artifacts, building materials, weapons and even armor.

The armors have the detail of increasing your defense against any type of impact, and range from wooden armors to diamond armors; the latter being the most durable and the highest defense.

Making armor is an art, and is considered a symbol of strength and level within Minecraft, since to be able to get a diamond armor you have to spend many hours playing and looking for the necessary material . And, if you have it, perhaps you have thought about displaying it in some way, as an exhibition or decoration on the walls of your stone castle.

Luckily the latter is possible through a truss stand, a stand made of six wooden poles, and a stone slab.

When you put these materials together by putting a rod in the four corners, one in the upper box, one in the middle, and the stone slab in the lower center box, you get an armor support, to which you can equip whatever armor you want to display.

A support of armor with arms

Armor holders can be a really cool thing to do for the new or creative player, but you can only put on armor and maybe a pumpkin head .

But, it is possible to have a support of armor with arms to which you can change the poses and you can put a sword in your hands and another object if you want.

However, these supports for armor are not natural or it is not possible to do them normally within a game, to be able to do them you have to enter a command that you can only put if you have the option of “cheats” of your world enabled.

If so, just press ” T ” enter the code ” / summon minecraft: armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms: 1b} “, press Enter and you will have your stand with arms.


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