Error «the game has stopped working» – Solution Minecraft launcher does not work

Modernity has brought with it lots of ways to entertain ourselves , this without the need to leave our homes, since if you have the necessary resources, you will not even have to leave your house to see your favorite movie.

In fact, today you can watch your favorite series , your favorite movies, and do all kinds of activities from home without having to try too hard.

A perfect example of this is video games , since being such an evolved medium, it has become extremely large and part of pop culture in general.

All the taboo that was had with video games has been left behind, and culture has begun to be embraced more, taking into account everything that it brings to us in terms of art and entertainment.

It is a medium that has undoubtedly reached far away places, touching the hearts of millions and becoming a billion dollar industry. This has given way to that many of the current video games have a simple access, free of complications, and with transactions that can be carried out in a couple of minutes.

Nowadays, you can buy any game, play any game, and be able to enjoy aspects of it the way you want the most as long as you have to meet the hardware requirements . Although not even this can save us from having a small error when playing a video game.

Errors in a video game can happen for different reasons, and although they are not usually common, it is to be expected that at some point we will meet some.

This happens exactly with Minecraft, which although it is usually an extremely solid game, it is possible to find an error such as “the game has stopped working” , and about which we will talk to you next.

What is the “the game has stopped working” error?

The errors that can occur when accessing a game can be very varied, since they can be due to a problem with the specifications of the computer, connection, launcher or credentials.

But, when one is in the game, or has managed to enter the home page of a game and it takes you out, you have to better contemplate the possible scenarios of why this is happening.

In Minecraft can occur just this with the infamous mistake ” the game has stopped working “, which can show half of a game or when a game after throwing starts.

However, it can be a somewhat difficult error to solve if you do not know what caused it, since there can be many reasons for its existence.

How can I fix this error?

In case the ” The game has stopped working ” error occurs in your Minecraft game, you will have to take several measures to be able to solve it.

As we have said before, this error can have many reasons, and it can end up being the one we least expect, but a good place to start is by updating your Minecraft version, installing updates to your computer and any mod that you may be using.

If the error persists after having carried out these processes, you must close some of the other programs that you may have open in the background , such as a browser, Skype, or any other.

Although, if this does not solve the problem by hand either, you will have to uninstall the game and reinstall it, playing it with the default options and without any type of mod, making sure that you are playing the latest version. Although, if you have installed a recent version and since this is that your problems have started, you may have to consider going back to another option.


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