Crossout: fan-crafting review.

Overview of various crafting Crossout players

Greetings ! Today we will look at just two blueprints that go well with the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic online crossout action game . Two completely different assemblies complement each other very much – they were designed for this! We’ll take a look at each build and, as usual, try to modify for maximum durability, lethality and mobility.

Bucks Fury Road

  • Power Points: 5172
  • Durability: 1550
  • Weight: 10569/16500
  • Energy: 11/11
  • Author: Rovgar_D_Lors

Crafting parts (above baseline)

  • Dalnobiy (cabin)
  • Savras (engine)
  • Generator dangerous (1)
  • Chameleon (1)
  • TZ Cobra (3)
  • Double swivel wheel (4)
  • Double wheel (2)


  • Rudolph Horn (2)
  • Hell pipes (1)
  • Headlights (2)
  • Travel bag (2)
  • Exhaust pipe 2 (4)

Efficiency and modifications

The craft is based on the Dalnoboy heavy cabin. This cab provides an average top speed, but at the same time has tremendous power, thanks to which it can easily pull a trailer.

I must say that with the declared Power Points, the durability indicator is not very high. On the front axle of the vehicle, the author placed an invisibility module, an engine, and one of the three TZ Cobra turrets. The remaining two guns are hidden behind armor directly behind the cockpit. It is rational to use these weapons when passing the “Defense” and “Assault” raids, since in other missions you will have to be in constant motion – after installing the turrets will simply be left behind.

We disassembled almost the entire frame of the tractor in order to dismantle the installed generator, as well as replace the frame elements with lightweight ones. A gas generator was placed under the vehicle cabin. Thus, it was possible to get rid of a ton of excess weight.

A pair of automatic cannons “AP43 Rapier” are perfect as active weapons, both for performing raids and in battles against real opponents. In place of dismantled turrets, radiators or weapon coolers can be placed. In any case, you can always choose the most optimal weapon for you, with the exception of frontal machine guns.

For comparison, we will demonstrate the craft that this assembly came to replace:

Bukcs shaman

  • Power Points: 7448
  • Durability: 2032
  • Weight: 13217/14000
  • Energy: 13/13
  • Author: Rovgar_D_Lors

This blueprint is much heavier than the updated version of the tractor, although it has more energy. It is made on the basis of the middle cabin “Zubodrobitel”, therefore it has a low speed. To tell the truth, such a model is more suitable for a trailer according to external criteria, but for one plus in appearance, we have several big drawbacks in technical characteristics at once.


  • Heavier construction.
  • Less speed and acceleration, especially with a trailer.
  • Slightly higher strength indicators. At the same time, Power Points have been increased (by more than 2000).

To increase the acceleration rate, it is enough to dismantle two wheels directly under the cab. You can remove another double wheel from the rear axle, or a pair of wheels on the rear. Whether it is worth spoiling the appearance for the sake of these indicators is up to you.

Bukcs Pandora

  • Power Points: 6716
  • Durability: 2919
  • Weight: 12231/14000
  • Energy: 13/13
  • Author: Rovgar_D_Lors

Crafting parts (above baseline)

  • Jawbreaker (cab)
  • Cheetah (engine)
  • Gas generator (1)
  • Double swivel wheel (2)
  • Double wheel (2)
  • Reaper (1)
  • TK Cobra (2)


  • Square lid (1)

Efficiency and modifications

This is a full-fledged trailer, the pilot of which must operate active implements and occasionally press the gas so that the system does not activate the handbrake. The author installed the engine to raise the carrying capacity, since the speed and acceleration indicators do not play a role in this design. It’s another matter if you travel on such transport alone.

Everything is correct. It is enough to add a few frame elements to the front axle of the vehicle and install a pair of wheels. On the rear axle, in front of the engine, there are turrets that are already familiar (and for some reason beloved by the author), and on the roof there is a “Reaper” minigun. In this format, we managed to destroy a lot of opponents in PvP battles, despite the fact that the transport develops a fairly good speed. With your own modification, you will miss free parts – remove the decor elements.

If you decide to use the trailer for its intended purpose, it is rational to dismantle the turrets and install some active weapons on the roof of the vehicle. Do not forget to use carriages or other parts for placing the guns, as when firing directly, all shots will fall into the tractor. In the video review below, I will tell you which modules and active weapons can be installed to complete easy and difficult raids.

Crossout / FUNCRAFT® # 15 – – – First VIDEO REVIEW

You can send your creations by e-mail [email protected] as well as a personal message . We remind you that if you want your craft to be included in our review, you need:


  • So that the car can go into battle.
  • Your iron monster must be unique, plagiarism is strongly discouraged (except in the case of total modification).
  • Do not skimp on imagination. In turn, our readers and I reserve the right to supplement or improve it.

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In order to find a craft – copy its name and paste it in the “search” line of the “exhibition” tab in the game. Like the authors of these creations, collect and modify iron monsters!


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