Crossout: guide on passing raids on hard

A guide that will simplify the task of completing difficult raids in Crossout game

On the forums, people keep complaining that completing Crossout raids on hard is a tedious task and in 99% of cases impossible. That is why we decided to devote a separate article for them, in which all modes will be discussed with the exception of “Pursuit”, in which you have to destroy the leviathans and their defenders.

Firstly, I would like to note that high complexity was created in order not to be easy – this is such a pun on words. This content is intended for experienced gamers who can easily find raids on the first two difficulty levels. The faction you play against in these raids plays an important role in shaping their difficulty. Let’s add a mission type here as well. Each faction has weaknesses, and if you do not use them, then you should not count on winning.

All of the following is based on personal experience and opinion. These are just assumptions and observations.

Basic tips for hard raids

  • Remove fuel tanks – many players forget about them and do not remove them from their builds, thereby leaving an additional vulnerability on the car.
  • Be sure to create repair kits. It may happen that you have to return to life several times during the battle. Yes, this will hit your wallet and the benefits of completing the raid itself. On the other hand, if you set a goal to complete it, and also go through a difficult season, you will have to spend money on resurrection items.
  • Place the weapon above the cockpit. AIs aim at the cockpit and drones. If the weapon is on the cockpit, then the probability of its destruction is high. Hold the weapon high or you will lose it too quickly.
  • Lots of wheels. You will lose wheels, so the more the better.
  • Place armor and melee weapons from behind to fend off enemies.

Preparing for battle


Hard mechanics can be deadly opponents. Typically, they use relict Scorpions and many other high-tech weapons. In combat with them, mobility and close attack range will help you. You can handle standard Mech builds with just about any weapon, but they often use Whirlwinds, so don’t let them clump in large numbers. If you do not have speed, you simply will not have time to reach the enemy and disarm him before he inflicts irreparable damage on you.


Strengths :

  • Long range attack.
  • High safety margin of the weapon.

Vulnerabilities :

  • Average speed and defense.
  • Armor-piercing weapon.


These opponents love to move in a crowd. Often you will find yourself surrounded by five or six Lunatic vehicles, so you will have to regroup with your allies and ask for help in battle. The best weapons for destroying them are heavy, high-damage weapons, including conventional cannons and the Caucasus. With shotguns, things are a little more complicated. You can succeed using them, but in that case, you will have to get closer to the targets, which means getting into the range of their weapons. If all six attack you at the same time, then imagine what remains of your build when firing 18 Thunders or some other epic weapon. In fact, by creating a “tank” build, you can squeeze into the thick of things and destroy each “Lunatic” in the enemy group one by one.


Strengths :

  • Destruction of cars from the front and back.
  • Destroying defensive targets such as pumps.

Vulnerabilities :

  • Attack of drones and other weapons with high damage.
  • Concentrated fire.


This is probably the most dangerous faction available on hard difficulty. Try to avoid the “Defense” and “Pursuit of Cargo” raids if the opponents are “Scavengers”. Ideally, you want to destroy their weapons.


Strengths :

  • High safety margin of vehicles.
  • Destruction of armor with explosive weapons.

Vulnerabilities :

  • Unprotected weapon.
  • Slow vehicles, sometimes clumsy.

Preparing for the regime


You will need one radar per team to track the location of the pumps through walls. Each pump will have 4000 HP, so you need to get to the first one as soon as possible. The Crickets are great in this mode, as you can use them at long distances. There are not many enemy vehicles in Onslaught, but they tend to focus fire on one player at a time, which can cause some problems. Make sure that you are also attacking one target with a group. On the other hand, while one player is holding opponents on him, the rest of the team must leave him in order to focus fire on the towers. Each machine gun destroyed deals 1000 damage.


You will need good defense against attacks from the rear as the AIs appear from everywhere – front, back, side. One drone or the Caucasus would be a great choice for a mission, but a close-knit team is the best thing about Abduction. Create builds in such a way that you can fight with each faction in this mode. Help your teammates.



If you choose the wrong weapon, then this mode will be unrealistic to pass. There is no general way to prepare for all the factions you might encounter in this mode. It is imperative to use radars. Some factions act better or worse in “Defense” depending on a particular card, due to the presence of a certain weapon.

Hard defense

Founders canyon

  • Advantage – “Scavengers”.
  • Unprofitable position – “Mechanics” and “Mad”.

Rock City

  • Advantage – “Scavengers” and “Mechanics”.
  • Unfavorable position – “Lunatics”.

Old city

  • Advantage – Scavengers and Lunatics.
  • Unfavorable position – “Mechanics”.


  • Advantage – “Mechanics”.
  • Unfavorable position – “Scavengers” and “Rabid”.

Convoy escort

This is where playing with friends or allies in an alliance comes to the fore. It will be a long battle, about 20-30 minutes. You will move slowly. You will need one defender behind the convoy, one Meat Shield, and two quick builds. If you don’t know where the AI ​​spawns, then you definitely need one radar per team. Ideally, you need to detect the enemy as soon as possible and take the damage before he can get to the truck.

Convoy escort

Someone will have to take on the mines, since the truck is now moving faster than before. Taking damage, the truck still does not stop, as it did before. He will ignore the presence of the player’s car in front of him and will try to continue driving. It will move at approximately 40% of its maximum speed.

Chasing the load

Remove tracks, install 10-12 wheels. You need to reduce the number of opponents, so ideally you should use drones or the Caucasus to automatically capture and destroy targets. Depending on the faction and the map, you will need to choose one or another weapon. For example, a build with shotguns and two turrets against Scavengers will not be an ideal choice, but in a fight with Lunatics it is quite viable, since the AI ​​in this case will circle around you and be at close range. Here you will need to destroy the waves of opponents, and not accumulate them, in order to subsequently fight with a bunch of enemy vehicles. The only exception is the Scavengers.

Chasing the load

How to act against factions in modes

Note . The number you see next to the indicated mission and faction represents the difficulty score from my point of view. The numbers “1” and “10” indicate the easiest and most difficult missions, respectively. Much more important is that we are talking about hard complexity, which means “1” is still not as easy as it might seem at first glance.


Any faction is “1”. In general, there is no difference between the factions you are fighting against. Apart from the “Lunatics”, none of them poses a real threat, since in most cases one player will fight bots, and the other three will destroy the towers. This is a battle against towers, not factions.


  • Against the “Mechanics” – “3”. Easy to destroy with powerful weapons.
  • Against the Lunatics – “5”. The same as in the case of the “Mechanics”.
  • Against the “Scavengers” – “6”. Speed ​​is your everything. Drive away from the Scavenger cars, as it takes a huge amount of time and effort to destroy them.


Against the “Mechanics” – “9”. In this mode, “Mechanics” feel at ease. They will destroy your pumps so quickly that you run out of time for what you might call protection. Your only hope for survival and victory in the raid is the specifics of the level. If you are in the “Old City”, then there is a chance of winning, but if it is a big card, then the chances are catastrophically low. It will be an insane battle, and it will take a lot of work to defeat the faction. You can’t do without a well-played team!

Against the Lunatics – “6”. The Lunatics’ epic weapons shouldn’t be a major issue. You don’t have to worry about the pumps, except when the enemy is using Lancelots. Just actively defend the towers and keep out opponents. Basic builds will have Thunder shotguns. Try to destroy opponents long before they get close to the pumps. The Reapers and attack drones (but by no means rocket drones) do a great job here.

Against the “Scavengers” – “10”. Describing “Defense” against the “Mechanics”, I completely forgot about the “Scavengers”, in the battle with which everything is much sadder. “Hurricanes”, “Executioners”, “Spectra” … These guys are real machines to destroy towers. Your only hope is to destroy their weapons, then leave one player to fight the opponents, and the other three go to defend the last pump. Don’t even try to play this episode with a random team!

Convoy escort

Against the “Mechanics” – “3”. There is nothing special here. Stay close to the truck and protect it – there should be no difficulties!

Against the Lunatics – “9”. Until. as long as you stop the “Lunatic” with the “Lancelot” and keep them away from the truck, you can still defeat the raider. It will be a hellish, long ride of 20-30 minutes, soaked in pain and hatred. It often happens that when you get to the last three waves, some “Lunatic”, on which the entire powerful arsenal is installed, bursts into the environment and destroys your truck.

Miniguns and drones should simplify the task, and shotguns do quite well in the battle with the Lunatics. You need to aim fire, you cannot afford to waste time on unnecessary reloading. ALWAYS take repair kits!

Against the “Scavengers” – “7”. You can deal with the Scavengers quite easily using shotguns and other weapons with which you can quickly shoot enemy guns. The main issue is the speed with which you do it. If you let them focus on the target for too long, you will be in trouble. Destroy weapons first, and after that – the cabins. Unprotected weapons are the main weakness of the Scavengers on hard. But do not underestimate them – one “Scavenger” left unattended, getting close to the truck, will destroy it in a matter of seconds. Your task has become much more difficult after the truck’s movement speed has been increased. Now there is less time to destroy enemy weapons.

Chasing the load

Against the “Mechanics” – “5”. Everything here is quite simple that I don’t even want to describe it. Follow the advice above for other modes.

Against the Lunatics – “3”. Everything is much simpler than in a battle with the Lunatics while protecting your own convoy. Now all you have to defend is your own build. And in case of destruction, repair kits will help to correct the situation.

Against the “Scavengers” – “7”. Again, destroy their weapons, and if possible, then completely bypass the “Scavengers”.

Weapon selection

All opponents use epic weapons or higher, so it would be foolish of you to use rare weapons. You must have better weapons, or at least the same, to compete with your opponents. You can cope in the “Assault” with several “Wasps” if you position yourself behind the allies who will cover you. But if you take the Wasps against the Lunatics, they will destroy you before you can do anything.

Spectrum 2 . A good option for landmines, turrets, drones and heavy weapons including Whirlwinds. However, it can be easily knocked down.


“Equalizer” . If there was some kind of “standard” for preparing for hard raids, it would be the “Equalizer”. It is easier to defend than the Spectrum, and it is easier to deal with opponents.

The Reaper . Well suited for missions such as Abduction, but not recommended for Escorting a Convoy. If this is a prolonged battle, and your enemy is the “Scavengers”, then I would not recommend taking the “Reaper” if you do not use self-destruction. And vice versa, even if the enemies are “Scavengers”, but we are talking about the raid “Abduction”, then the “Reaper” will be an excellent choice.

“Caucasus” . Take one or two of these machine guns. Three is too much. This is a great option for fire support, since a four-player battle against 20 bots may seem impossible. Anyone who has used this weapon understands that it is difficult to “control” it. That is why I recommend taking it as a fire support weapon, and not the main one.

“Thunder” . It can be used to destroy weapons on bots. Be careful in Convoys and Assaults and follow the advice above.

“Sledgehammer” . Similar to Thunder.

“Cricket” . Very situational weapon, highly dependent on the choice of the card. Turn on your brain and use your experience if you decide to use Crickets.


“Flame” . The same situational as “Cricket”. I would not recommend using it against the Scavengers. They have too much HP.

“Hurricane” . A more useful weapon compared to the “Flame” thanks to the HP buff and an additional rocket for three “Flame” projectiles. Even so, the weapon is situational.

Mandragora . I don’t even know what kind of genius it takes to effectively fight Mandragora on hard raids.

“Fat Man” . Amazing weapon. Great for taking out the heavy weapons of epic enemies.

Fat man

“Executioner” . Same as Fat Man, but more limited in use. Very destructive against Mechanics.

“Mammoth” . I rarely use it outside of PvP, so I can’t say anything about raids.

Tsunami . Love this weapon! It is a powerful weapon with great durability. Place one on the hood and you have both shield and firepower at the same time.

“Impulse” . An excellent option for destroying enemy weapons.

“Vomit” . Not as good a rotation speed as that of Impulse. The Vomitor can be quite useful on hard raids.

“Shtyr-1” . You can use one crossbow, two – still not going anywhere, but three is a waste of energy. This is a great weapon in light to medium raids, but not as useful on hard. The main advantage of the crossbow is knocking back opponents. The AI ​​engine on hard raids is too heavy to benefit from this. On the other hand, the crossbow has good DPS. Perhaps it will come in handy in the battle against the Lunatics.


Close combat . It is difficult to catch bots to ram them in close combat. If the mission is not about direct confrontation, then use the energy in a different direction.

Attack drone . One drone is good, two is better. But three or four will be overkill and can lead to a shortage of ammunition. The presence of one or two drones will be of great help, but, as in the case of the Kavkaz machine guns, there are some difficulties on the hard side associated with their use. The AI ​​considers drones as a separate build (cockpit), and attacks them as soon as they spot them in the air. If you have four drones at once, and the enemy detects them at once, then literally in a matter of seconds they will destroy them, and you will be left without firepower for a while.

Rocket drone . The same as in the case of attacking drones, but here there is even more time, and more energy is consumed. That is why, if you take drones, then attackers are better.

Drone “henchman” . They are useless!

Drone “Zapal”. Useful for short raids, but with Convoy Escort you will have ammo problems. If the AI ​​spots the drones, it will destroy them before they can get close to the target and cause damage. You will have to use yourself or an ally as a decoy, as a distraction so that opponents do not have time to destroy the approaching drone.

Drone “Fuze”

Turrets . The turret can be a great option for fire support at the rear of the vehicle, but I would not recommend using it as a primary weapon. Not the worst option, but shouldn’t be your priority.


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