How to register on the Crossout website

How to register on the Crossout website.


  • Method number 1: entering data in the form
  • Method number 2: through social networks
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Crossout is a third-person multiplayer action (MMO-Action). The basis of the game is PvP battles on armored vehicles “collected” by players. The fighting takes place in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of an alternate reality of 2048, where there is no room for the weak. Newbies and veterans in Crossout take part in all kinds of clan and rating battles, brawls. Having gained experience and funds, each player can upgrade his combat car: for that, a market is provided in the game space, in-game trade, as well as special machines for making the necessary parts on their own.

Crossout was created by the Russian studio Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment. The game was first released on May 30, 2017.

Notable features of the game include:

  • Unique cars designed by players: from nimble buggies to heavy tracked all-terrain vehicles and anti-gravity platforms.
  • Unlimited possibilities in assembling and modifying your car: hundreds of parts, types of armor, weapons and additional functional systems, thousands of combinations of components, any structural forms.
  • The original system of damage in the gameplay: you can disable various parts on the opponent’s car, and this will immediately affect its technical and combat parameters.
  • A colossal arsenal of weapons: from improvised tools in the form of drills, chainsaws and ending with missile salvo systems with enormous destructive power, plus drones, invisibility generators and other technical means that increase the chances of victory.
  • An individual workshop for each player: creation and improvement of components for himself and for sale.
  • The ability to trade with other players: trophies obtained, parts made in a personal workshop can be profitably sold on the market.
  • A minimum of restrictions in the choice of combat tactics and strategy. All is fair in war! The main thing is to stay alive, to win.

Next, we will consider how to register in Crossout in various ways, how to download and run the game launcher.

Method number 1: entering data in the form

  1. Open the official site of the game in the browser –
  2. If you are not satisfied with the interface language, open the Language drop-down menus and select the required option (for example, Russian).
  3. To create an account, click “Play for Free”.
  4. Fill in the fields of the registration form:
  • Email– your email: you will need it in case of feedback from technical support in the game and receiving news, project announcements.
  • Nicknameis your name in the game. Before registering for Crossout, think carefully about your game nickname. After all, other players will see him, and, perhaps, he will show off, in the honorable first places in the statistics of battles.
  • Password– the key to enter your account (you need to repeat it in the next field). Come up with a complex combination of letters and numbers so that no one gets into your profile. But primitive keys like “12345” and “qwerty” promise trouble. You can return access after hacking, but until then an attacker (cracker) can do anything with your combat car.
  • Captcha– enter the character sequence shown in the adjacent picture.
  1. If you want to receive newsletters from the Crossout offsite, click the checkbox in the line “I agree to receive emails …”.
  2. To send the completed questionnaire, click “Battle!”.
  3. If all the data was entered correctly, a notification “Congratulations!” Will appear.
  4. On the mailbox specified during registration, open the letter from the Crossout website. To confirm your email, follow the link or click the “Activate …” button.
  5. On the tab that opens, if the automatic download of the launcher does not start, click “Download game”.
  6. Run the downloaded installer. Select “Next” in its window.
  7. Disable the placement of icons on the desktop, if necessary (uncheck the option).
  8. Wait for the download of the game distribution kit to complete (download progress is displayed at the bottom of the launcher).
  9. Start the game, log in and enjoy the gameplay!

Method number 2: through social networks

On the Crossout off-site, an alternative registration is provided through a personal profile on a social network. The interaction of the game account with Google+, Facebook, is supported.

To register via a social network:
1. Click the icon of the social network that you want to use for registration above the form fields.

  1. In the new window, enter your username and password to enter the social network profile. Click on “Login …”.
  2. Email (account login on the social network) will be added automatically. The system will also generate a nickname. But it can be changed. Fill in the remaining fields and click “IN BATTLE!”

Downloading and launching the launcher is the same as in the previous registration method.

Choose any suitable option for creating an account, this does not in any way affect the gameplay or any parameters of the game profile. An interesting pastime in the post-apocalyptic Crossout car battles!


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