Complete guide to crafting in fortnite

The long-awaited modification of the weapon was not what everyone was waiting for. No scopes or silencers have been added, but don’t get discouraged. Now we have the opportunity to improve weapons right on the knee, but this requires resources.

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And in this article we will discuss all the possible formulas for crafting weapons.


To create a weapon, special resources may be required: a fetid pouch, animal bones, spare parts. The stinking bag will drop from the toad, animal bones from wolves, boars, chickens, and parts from cars.

Also, some resources can be purchased from the characters, here is a map of all characters selling bones. No one sells a fetid bag and no one sells meat.

How to create items

To start crafting, open your inventory and aim at the weapon you are interested in. After clicking on the “E” the upgrade menu will open, where you can see the available upgrades and resource requirements.

And now directly to the crafting of each type of weapon.

Craft prehistoric weapons

For crafting prehistoric assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and PP you will always need 4 bones and a homemade counterpart.

And an important point: when choosing the craft of prehistoric weapons, you prefer the rate of fire, not power. Therefore, think three times whether you need to shoot quickly and spend resources on it.

But crafting a prehistoric bow does not always require bones, so I will show the formulas for each weapon separately.

Craft mechanical weapons

Mechanical weapons in the case of the assault rifle, submachine gun, pistol and shotgun are all the same old weapons that we could play with last season. Those. this is a classic weapon obtained by crafting a similar homemade and parts.

And another important point: when choosing a mechanical weapon, you give preference to power, i.e. damage. With bows, the story is different – when crafting a mechanical explosive or shock bow, power is almost not added, only a bonus effect is added to the weapon.

But for crafting bows, we, as in the case of prehistoric weapons, will have to sweat.

Here are all the crafting formulas in season 16:

Here is a craft in fortnite season 16. Like this mechanic


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