All new weapons in fortnite season 16

Needless to say, the most important thing in every season is the weapon pool. Your game strategy and priority in the selection of items and landing sites are curled from it.

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There are quite a few weapons, but the biggest news is the return of the pump-action shotgun. Many of his fans are now squealing with delight, because there was no pump at all in season 15.

All weapons in the game have become homemade, prehistoric or mechanical. At the same time, the gradation into ordinary, unusual, rare remained further. And looking ahead, homemade weapons are the backbone of all other weapons, because without it it is impossible to craft anything decent. But we will talk about craft separately.

Before listing all possible weapons, it is worth noting that the developers have revised our physical capabilities and reduced the maximum number of rounds.

Shotgun ammo: 999 –> 150.

Handgun ammo: 999 –> 500.

Cartridges for assault rifles: 999 –> 500.


  • homemade weapons
  • prehistoric weapons
  • Mechanical weapons
  • Exotic weapons
  • Jump boots

homemade weapons

Homemade weapons are guns that do not differ in either rate of fire or power. Yes, and sometimes they shoot as if Agent Jones hastily blinded them in a rotten basement. Some of these guns have a disgusting sight that skews a little. Evaluate the usefulness of such weapons yourself.

And there are 5 such guns in total:

  1. Submachine gun
  2. Shotgun
  3. Automatic
  4. Onion
  5. Revolver

The characteristics of each gun are shown in the picture.

You can get them everywhere: on the floor, in chests, in drops and more. On the floor are low quality weapons, in chests of medium and high quality. Please note that homemade weapons do not have legendary variations.

prehistoric weapons

Prehistoric weapons, unlike homemade ones, have slightly higher characteristics, because they can be obtained in any way, but by crafting. This very craft requires time and travel in search of the necessary resources, which is why such a weapon is more useful than the previous class.

The most important difference between such weapons is the rate of fire and occasionally an increase in magazine volume.

However, crafting such weapons is not the only way to get them – they can also be found. More often – in chests, less often – on the floor.

Prehistoric weapons in season 16:

  1. Submachine gun
  2. Shotgun
  3. Automatic
  4. Bow (Normal / Stinky / Fiery)
  5. Pistol

Prehistoric shotguns and pistols have one big feature in common – they have a semi-automatic mode of firing two rounds.

I note that the prehistoric version of the shotgun has a mythical version that can be obtained by killing the tower guard in the center of the map.

Mechanical weapons

Mechanical quality can knock anyone out of balance, because a weapon of this quality is a rarity. You can also get it either by crafting, or just by chance, finding it in a chest or on the floor.

The mechanical type includes bows. And they, unlike all other weapons, can be made not only mechanical, but also choose their effect – impact or explosive. And if we consider this weapon in terms of crafting, then it’s just awful! For some guns, you have to find so many things that it’s scary. But accidentally finding such a weapon is a nice gift, because their damage is simply huge.

Just as unsurprisingly, all those guns that we had before belong to mechanical weapons. Yes, they do not say that they are mechanical, but if you make them, then the task of creating a mechanical weapon counts. Let’s call them original. And such can be considered a classic machine gun, pump, revolver, etc.

Exotic weapons

There are some exotic weapons from season 15 on the fortnite season 16 map. And here are the characters who sell these guns. The cost of each is 500 gold. And all current characteristics are shown on the screen. They all have the same features.

Jump boots

I thought for a long time whether to endure this beauty in this video, but it’s better yes than no. And this item, even if it is not a weapon, is quite difficult to obtain. You need to kill the tower guard. And if you already killed him, you noticed that a black ball falls out of him. And in fact, it has uses.

You need to take this ball to the nearest tower and insert it into the slot. And voila, you have boots.

When you first jump with boots, nothing happens and you can even die if you jump like that from a height. From the second jump, low gravity is activated, and from the third jump, you can open the hang glider.


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