Fall Guys: All Season Pass Rewards for Season 5

Current Season 5 of Fall Guys is set in the jungle with all new levels of fun to spend time. In order not to be out of habit, the new season is accompanied by its own season pass , on which we are going to review what rewards it includes in the following guide.


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All Season Pass rewards for Season 5

One thing in favor of Fall Guys is that it is not necessary to pay any amount of money to receive all the prizes that are part of the season pass. To be able to access all of them , all you have to do is play non-stop games , since in each of them you will receive points that are used to raise the level of this pass.

In this sense, the more tests you are able to pass, the greater the number of points you will receive at the end. Of course, each level will ask for more and more points, so you will have to spend a good amount of hours in front of the screen if you want to go up to level 50 , the maximum of the season pass.

As you climb levels you will receive costumes such as the Tropical Tree, another of a Genie or even another based on the protagonist of Spelunky . There will also be no lack of patterns, colors, nicknames and up to 22 crowns that you can add to your collection, as you can see in more detail below.

2 Treasure hunters Disguise (top) Common
3 Crown x1 Currency  
4 Adventure! Print Common
5 Treasure hunters Disguise (bottom) Common
6 Alpaca and let’s go Colour Rare
7 Compliments x1,000 Currency  
8 Tropical tree Disguise (bottom) Rare
9 Crown x1 Currency  
10 Adventure! Identification plate Rare
ELEVEN Tropical tree Disguise (top) Rare
12 Stonework Print Rare
13 Pioneer Dromedary Disguise (bottom) Rare
14 Crown x2 Currency  
FIFTEEN Elementary Colour Rare
16 Pioneer Dromedary Disguise (top) Rare
17 Compliments x1,000 Currency  
18 Rhino Tamer Nickname Rare
19 Crown x2 Currency  
TWENTY Safari Colour Rare
TWENTY-ONE Guy spelunky Disguise (bottom) Legendary
22 Compliments x3,500 Currency  
2. 3 Treasure map Identification plate Rare
24 Speleologist Nickname Legendary
25 Crown x3 Currency  
26 Guy spelunky Disguise (top) Legendary
27 Compliments x3,500 Currency  
28 Ancient Hieroglyphs Print Rare
29 Dynamic duo Nickname Epic
30 Crown x3 Currency  
31 Ruffian Lemon Identification plate Rare
32 gentleman Disguise (bottom) Rare
33 Compliments x5,000 Currency  
3. 4 Snake Eyes Face shield Epic
35 Fur Print Rare
36 gentleman Disguise (top) Rare
37 Crown x5 Currency  
38 fleet Admiral Nickname Rare
39 Scourge of the Seas Disguise (bottom) Epic
40 To the Rodeo! Colour Epic
41 Scourge of the Seas Identification plate Epic
42 Scourge of the Seas Disguise (top) Epic
43 Compliments x5,000 Currency  
44 Mummy Pass Gesture Epic
FOUR. FIVE Crown x5 Currency  
46 Genius Disguise (bottom) Legendary
47 Compliments x5,000 Currency  
48 Divinity of the Sun Print Legendary
49 Siren Colour Legendary
FIFTY Genius Disguise (top) Legendary


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