How to link and merge Overwatch 2 accounts

We tell you how to link your Overwatch 2 accounts to be able to enjoy all your unlocked items. How to merge accounts in OW2?

How to link and merge accounts in Overwatch 2? step by step guide

Overwatch 2 accounts are our user profiles in which our progress is saved: game history, Hero unlocks, skins, and much more. In this section of our Overwatch 2 guide, we tell you how to merge accounts in order to have all the content unlocked on different platforms in the same account:

How to link and merge Overwatch 2 accounts: step by step

These are all the steps to follow to link and merge accounts in Overwatch 2 .

  1. We launch Overwatch 2on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch.
  2. If it is the first time that we launch Overwatch 2 on this particular platform, it will ask us to log in to Battle.netusing our mobile to scan the QR code or go to com/link and enter the code that appears on the screen; after this we jump to step 5. If not, in the main menu, we enter Personal Profile .
  3. We choose the Link Accountsoption .
  4. We use our mobile to scan the QR code or go to com/linkand enter the code that appears on the screen to log in to .
  5. We log in with an existing account or create a new oneby following all the steps on the screen.
  6. We must make sure that the accounts to link are the ones we want to merge into one(one from and another from PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch Online, depending on the platform). Once this is done, we confirm the connection between accounts.
  7. Your console screen will update in a few moments and log in with your accountand all progress made on it should display without issue.

We can repeat these steps on any additional platforms we plan to play Overwatch 2 on . In this way, the progress will be saved in the cloud and we will be able to use all the unlocked objects without problems on any console or PC as long as we have logged in with the account in which we linked all the content.

What items do we get by linking Overwatch 2 accounts?

Once we’ve successfully merged our Overwatch and Overwatch 2 accounts into one, here’s all we’ll be collecting on this one account :

  • All Heroes unlocked and cosmetic itemslike skins/skins, emotes, collectibles, victory poses and more.
  • Our history: game summary, statistics and match reports.
  • Overwatch 1 Coin Balance: with them we can unlock certain cosmetic items. They cannot be obtained in any way in Overwatch 2.

The progress of achievements and trophies are not 100% synchronized , and those that jump in-game will have to be obtained again on any platform in which we want to unlock them, even if we already have them on other systems. By this we mean that it does not happen like in other games with shared progress like Fortnite or Fall Guys where, if we have achievements/trophies on one platform and start the game on another, the same achievements/trophies are automatically unlocked.

Merging our Overwatch 2 accounts allows us to enjoy shared progress across platforms and keep our Overwatch 1 unlocks

For practical purposes, Overwatch 2 is an expansion of the first; the vast majority of objects, Heroes and others remain, which is why it is a good idea to link our accounts if we do not want to lose all the progress made the entire time we have been playing OW1.


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