Genshin Impact: How to link your PS5 and PS4 accounts

We explain what to do if you want to sync your Genshin Impact PS5 or PS4 account between PC, Android and iOS platforms. Do it and you can continue playing your game wherever you want.

Finally, Genshin Impact has added in version 2.0 an option highly demanded by PlayStation users; It is about the possibility of synchronizing your PS4 or PS5 accounts with your miHoYo Pass account on PC or mobile, so that you can continue with your game regardless of the platform on which you enjoy the title. That is to say, from now on the game already supports cross-save or cross-save between PSN and miHoYo , so if you want to take advantage of this option but don’t know what to do to link your accounts, keep reading this post because here we explain it to you easily .

How to link your PS5 or PS4 accounts with PC, Android and iOS?

As we anticipated at the beginning, it is now possible worldwide to synchronize the PlayStation accounts of your Genshin Impact game with your miHoYo account on PC or Android and iOS mobile devices. Since the game’s launch there has been cross-save for PC and mobile, but it was not available to users playing on PlayStation. Fortunately, that has changed.


Now you can sync your PlayStation and myHoYo accounts by following a few steps and linking the email you use in your myHoYo account. This will allow you to share progress between platforms and accounts. Although, you have to point out several important things first:

Conditions to meet to link accounts

Genshin Impact account synchronization depends on meeting certain criteria . For an account to be linked, it must meet the following conditions:

  • The PSN account and email cannot:have been previously used to log into Genshin Impact, and the email cannot be registered in myHoYo Pass.
  • If a PSN account has never been used to log into Genshin Impact:the email registered in myHoYo Pass can be linked to the PSN account.
  • If the email is not registered with myHoYo Pass:This can be linked to a PSN account with which you have previously logged into the game. At the same time, this email will be registered in myHoYo Pass.
  • When the PSN account has already been used:to log in to Genshin Impact, and you want to link to an email account registered in myHoYo Pass, it will not be possible to link them. This is because the PSN account will be automatically registered in myHoYo Pass after logging in to the game, so it cannot be linked to another email account registered in myHoYo Pass.

Therefore, and to summarize this, players who want to link their PSN account that has been registered in the game to their email account, they have to make sure that the email account is not registered in myHoYo Pass. If you have doubts and want to consult more details, you can do it from this official help page .

Here we explain the two possible cases to synchronize Genshin Impact accounts between PlayStation and myHoYo Pass:

If you’ve never played Genshin Impact with your PSN account

In this case, it is assumed that you have a game in Genshin Impact already started on PC or mobile and you want to be able to continue it on PlayStation as well. To sync these accounts, you must use a PlayStation account with which you have never played Genshin Impact before.

If this is your case, follow these steps:

  • Start your PlayStation console and, with your PSN account that you have never played Genshin Impact, open the game for the first time.
  • After reading the two user agreements and accepting them, a sign will appear that says “Preparing your adventure …” in which you will be able to linkthe email address of this PSN account with your myHoYo Pass account.
  • Select “link myHoYo account (email)”.
  • Now a browser pop-up screenwill appear in which you must enter your email and credentials.
  • After this, you will be sent a verification codethat you must enter in the box below so that your account is linked.

And that’s it, by doing this you will have linked your PS4 or PS5 account with your game already started on PC and mobile phones. Now you can play with peace of mind and all the progress you make can be continued on any other platform whenever you want.

If you have already played Genshin Impact with your PSN account

The other case when it comes to synchronizing accounts is that you already have a game of Genshin Impact started on PlayStation and you want to be able to continue playing it on PC and mobile phones. For this you need to link your PSN account with an email that is not registered in myHoYo Pass (note that if you also have a game started on PC or mobile phones, you will not be able to “merge” them).

In this case, follow these steps:

  • Loginto your PlayStation and log into the game with your regular account.
  • Once the game is loaded, go to the Settingsmenu , then to Account, and enter the “User Center” section .
  • Here a browser screen will open and you will have to click on the “Link” menu.
  • Follow the instructionsthat appear to link your PSN account with an email address that is not yet associated with a myHoYo account.

After following these linking steps, from now on you will be able to continue your game on the same server on the iOS / Android / PC / PlayStation platforms.

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