What are the best Overwatch 2 Support?

We tell you which are the best Heroes of the Overwatch 2 Support class, and why they are at the top of their category. Full list and details.

Best Characters and Heroes of Overwatch 2: Support, Healers and Support

Overwatch 2 puts at our disposal more than thirty different characters or Heroes , divided into three different classes. In this Overwatch 2 guide we are going to focus on Support , Support and Healers . What are the best Overwatch 2 Support? Read on to find out:

1: Well


Ana is the best Support in Overwatch 2 for a reason: there have been changes and nerfs to other stun types on other Heroes and their Abilities while she still has her Knockdown Dart Ability . This makes her an almost mandatory choice on any team, as she can stop any other Hero’s Ultimate in its tracks.

His main weapon, the Biotic Rifle, heals allies and damages enemies . This allows us to be from afar healing allies or damaging rivals simply by shooting, without having to switch between alternative shooting modes. He can also heal allies with another one of his Abilities: the Biotic Grenade. Lastly, his Ultimate, Nano-stimulants, increase the damage an ally deals while reducing the damage taken ; this Ultimate paired with a powerful DPS Hero like Genji makes a team practically unstoppable.

2: There is

It’s there

Kiriko is a new character added in Season 1 of Overwatch 2, and is one of the best Supports in the game . The only way he has to deal damage is his Kunai , a thrown projectile that deals absurdly high damage if you hit enemies in the head.

The rest of his Skills are focused on team support ; the Ofuda of Healing allows us to heal allies from a distance, the Suzu of Protection casts a protective amulet that makes allies invulnerable in tenths of a second and eliminates all negative statuses, and the Light Step allows us to instantly teleport next to a ally requiring immediate assistance. The Ultimate, March of the Kitsune, creates a “path” that boosts the movement, attack speed, and Ability cooldowns of all allies walking along it. And as if that were not enough, a Passive, Climbing, allows him to climb walls to climb to high places on the stage. Kiriko is tricky to use, but in expert hands she can single-handedly lead a team to victory..

3: Lucius


Lucio is still one of the best Supports in Overwatch 2 . In addition to being able to heal allies, one of the main functions of it is to enhance the movement of teammates , something essential with the change from 6v6 to 5v5 format. If we have a Lucio in our team and the rivals do not, this will allow our friends to reach key points beforehand , such as the capture places or the load, giving us an advantage that is often decisive.

That he can run up walls makes him a nuisance to opponents, but what really sets Lucio apart as a Healer and Support is his Ultimate : Sound Barrier creates a whopping 750 extra health for himself and enemies. nearby allies for a few moments, which can get us out of a bind even when we’re outnumbered.


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