How to play Overwatch 2 Competitive Match

Overwatch 2 Competitive Matches are the game at its highest skill level, but are not initially unlocked. Here we tell you how to play.

Overwatch 2: how to unlock Competitive Matches

Overwatch 2 Competitive Matches are the gathering place for the game’s best players, where skill and knowledge levels are highest. However, they are not unlocked from the start, since a specific requirement must be met. In this section of our Overwatch 2 guide we tell you how to unlock Competitive Matches :

How to play Overwatch 2 Competitive Match: Unlock Requirements

To play Competitive Matches of Overwatch 2, we must enter the Play option in the main menu . Here, we choose “Competitive” .

In the Play menu we will see the Competitive option

Now, it is possible that once inside the “Competitive” submenu it won’t let us play because the message ” not available because one or more team members must complete the competitive game challenge ” appears. This prevents us from playing this mode and happens if we have created a new Overwatch 2 account after October 4, 2022; we will have to complete a Guided First Time User Experience . Keep reading below:

If we get this message, we can’t play Competitive yet

Overwatch 2: Unavailable because one or more team members must complete the Competitive Match challenge; to do?

If the above message appears, then all we have to do to unlock Competitive Matches is win a total of 50 Quick Matches . This is what the game refers to as “completing the Competitive Play challenge”. We can check our progress at any time in the Competition tab of the Challenges menu .

If we can’t play Competitive Matches, that means we need to win 50 Quick Matches first

In short, if we want to play Competitive Matches with our friends, all members of the group of up to five people must have won at least 50 Quick Matches . If any member of the group does not meet this requirement, the entire group will not be able to play in Competitive.

According to Blizzard, ” This change allows new players to prepare for the demands of competitive play and so that older players don’t feel disadvantaged by less-experienced teammates.”

“During the process of unlocking Competitive Mode, we will be looking at new players’ skill levels to optimize matchmaking so everyone is happy. This only affects accounts created on or after the launch date of 4th June. October: whoever has the competitive mode unlocked before, will also have access in Overwatch 2 “, they add.


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