How to kill ALL enemies in Resident Evil 3 Remake

We show you all types of enemies in Resident Evil 3 Remake and what is the best way to kill them. Don’t worry, almost all you will come across are zombies.Resident Evil 3 Remake has as its main enemies the zombies and, of course, Nemesis . Knowing how to face each of them will be key if you intend to survive their attacks. Therefore, in this post we will show you all the enemies in the game and the best way to kill each one of them. Of course, keep in mind that we will not talk about Nemesis here . For that we have a specific entry from the Nemesis boss and how to beat him in all his phases

Keep in mind that on higher difficulties , enemies like Ne-α Parasite, Lickers, and Paleheads appear at different times in the game than if you are playing Standard.


  1. Zombies
  2. Zombie dog
  3. Drain Deimos
  4. Ne-α parasite
  5. Hunter Gamma
  6. Licker
  7. Hunter Beta
  8. Pale head


NOTE: The best advice against all these enemies is, as the saying goes: if you want to save ammo, a single grenade will be your solution.


The classic zombie of a lifetime. This time you won’t be able to rip their legs off as easily as in RE2 Remake , so your best option is always to aim for the head . With a normal pistol, a couple of hits should hit the ground. Keep in mind that a downed zombie is not a dead zombie , and getting too close can give you quite a scare. If you have the knife with you, try to chop a bit to make sure. Obviously, with weapons like the shotgun, a hit to the head kills him instantly. If you’ve managed to get a critical shot from any weapon and its head explodes, you don’t need to worry about more either.

Zombie dog

A Doberman infected with the T virus. It is an enemy that only appears twice in the entire game, both times in pairs. Their main advantage is speed, but with two or three shots from the pistol they fall immediately. Be careful because they are small and you can fail if you get lost.

Drain Deimos

A completely disgusting spider-shaped bug that only appears in the Substation , luckily. It has two attacks, and one of them consists of grabbing you and causing you the Parasite state , which is healed using a Green Grass. If you don’t, it will drain your life little by little, until you die with an explosion of parasites in your chest (not pleasant). They die with 2 or three pistol hits or a single shotgun hit , they are extremely fragile.

Ne-α parasite

zombie directly infected by Nemesis . They appear at very specific moments in the adventure and are extremely dangerous , because they can strike from a great distance with the tentacle of the head. To kill them you have to hit them between the “jaws” or on the back, in the areas that glow orange. As a general rule, the jaws are closed, but they open if you shoot the zombie a couple of times . Keep in mind that the zombie is nothing more than a vehicle for the parasite, to kill it you have to shoot the mass of meat, not the zombie itself.

Hunter gamma

A BOW fruit of experimentation with frogs in toxic environments. He’ll kill you instantly if he grabs you open-mouthed, but it’s also time to finish him off – a grenade hit kills him instantly, and a shotgun blast will cause him to shut his big mouth and back off. A few headshots also knock you off balance, but it’s a waste of ammo. Luckily, he is a rare enemy and is very slow .


Byproduct of a zombie infected by the G virus. The first thing you should know is that they are blind. If you walk instead of running, they won’t detect you if you don’t get too close to them or shoot them . They are very fast and can move on the floor, walls or ceiling, and attack from a distance with their tongue, or jumping a long way to reach you . Although the brain is its weak point, obviously, it will be difficult to hit it. If you launch a blinding , the bug is stunned for a few seconds that you can use to kill it or run away.

Hunter Beta

The terrifying MA-121. It is extremely fast and deadly . You have to be very attentive to his left claw: if he pulls it back and crouches, he will make an attack that kills you instantly . With the other claw it will make very fast attacks, but it has to get very close to reach you. The main problem you will have when attacking is that it takes lateral steps as soon as it takes damage , so you have to try to make one or two shots only. If you hit its forehead, you will break it, revealing its brain , the monster’s weak point. Acid Grenades kill them with a single hit. Do not use fire grenades either, although you can kill them they are also very ineffective.

Pale head

It is, in essence, a zombie with regenerative properties . Here the key is to do damage until it is eliminated, it has no more danger than the normal zombie. You will know that you are not finished with it because it emits a white vapor while it regenerates .

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