How to open all the padlocks in Resident Evil 3 Remake

We tell you how to open all the padlocks in Resident Evil 3 Remake, as well as their location and what you can get when you open doors, lockers, locks and briefcases.In addition to the safes , in Resident Evil 3 Remake we have other containers of objects locked. We talk about lockers, doors and boxes closed with padlock; and closed boxes with ID . To open the first you will need a Lock Pick , and for the second, an ID Card . There are also combination locks . They are silly, and the two that exist share a solution with the same locks from the same location in Resident Evil 2 Remake . So that you do not have a problem, in this section we will show you where to get the Lock Pick and the ID Card , as well as all the boxes, lockers and doorslocked with padlock or ID lock, as well as the two combination lockers .


  1. How to get the Lock Pick?
  2. How to get the ID Card?
  3. Padlocks and locks in Downtown Racoon City
  4. Padlocks and locks in Sewers and worksites.
  5. Padlocks and locks at Police Station
  6. Padlocks and locks in Hospital (Jill)

How to get the Ganzúa?

The Ganzúa is compulsory, as part of the story, when arriving at the Substation . When advancing from the safe room you will get a Case , which you must examine from the inventory, turn to see the front part and open it to get the object. Once you finish the game, it can be purchased from the Store and will be in the trunk when you start the game, but you can also pick it up from its original location.


How to get the ID Card?

As for the ID Card , it is used to open some closed boxes with Carlos. It is achieved as soon as the police station begins. Eliminate the zombie from the entrance and you can take it from its corpse. It is a non-mandatory object, unlike the Ganzúa. In the highest difficulties , the zombie at the entrance does not carry the card. Instead, you have to go down the stairs right next to her and take her from the small room in the hallway.


  • On the ground floor: itis one of the lockers in the southeast corner. Inside is Pistol Ammo.
  • On the ground floor:in the same area where you get the Ganzúa. It is mandatory to open it to advance in the story.

Redstone Street

  • In the safe room where you get the Padlock Cutter: it‘s another locker. Inside is a First Aid Spray.
  • At the Donut Shop:another locker. Inside is a hand grenade.
  • At Kite Bros Railway (Subway Control):There is a locked briefcase in the control room. Inside you will find Shotgun Shells.
  • In Kite Bros Railway (Subway Control):in the room where the shotgun is there is another locker. Inside is a First Aid Spray.
  • In the safe room of the subway:the briefcase closed when passing the turnstile. There are shotgun shells.
  • Raccon Toys: Itis a closed door on the main street, in the southeast corner (the one with the blue facade). Inside is a Mr. Charlie, a chest with the Green Jewel and a document.

Padlocks and locks in Sewers and area under construction

Gallery: Resident Evil 3 Remake – Sewer Locks and Work Zone


Padlock # 01 (Sewers)

Padlock # 02 (Redstone Street)


  • In the Laboratory: itis the room where you get the Battery to be able to advance there is a locker with a padlock. There is Explosive A inside.

Redstone Street

  • In the house in the alley: itis the house that you pass through after the sequence in the Kendo armory. Go upstairs to find a box with a padlock. Contains explosive grenades.

Padlocks and locks in police station

This section is where you use the ID Card . It is only used in the boxes in this area, you will see that after the one in the STARS Office they give you the option to discard the card.

  • Reception:just after crossing the gate that goes to the west, on one of the benches. Contains Assault Rifle Ammo.
  • West office:accessed by opening the east door of the west corridor, the one that leads to the second floor. You will see it as soon as you enter. Contains the Scope (Assault Rifle).
  • Showers (combination lock):at the 2F lockers. The solution is CAP. Contains a blinding grenade.
  • Corridor on the third floor (combination lock):at the end of the corridor of 3F, you cannot miss it, it is the only area you can visit. The solution is DCM. Contains Assault Rifle Ammo.
  • STARS office:in the back armory. Contains Assault Rifle Ammo.

Padlocks and locks in Hospital (Jill)

Keep in mind that in the part with Carlos you will not be able to open any of these closed drawers . You can only do it later, when playing with Jill.

  • Reception:on the ground floor, the door to the east. It is mandatory to open it to move forward, it is the exit door from this area.
  • Patio:in the southwest corner. It is reached by crossing the north door of Reception and going west, you will find a briefcase. Contains MAG Ammo.
  • Staff room:on the west wall, it is a locker. You will find Shotgun shells.
  • Sheets:at the box office on the corner.
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