How to justify text in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has become the favorite tool of those who want to edit and create graphics in a simple way, since its platform has a variety of tools that it makes totally available to users. It is even possible to create an account on the Adobe platform completely free of charge .

Therefore, taking this into account, it is not surprising that its functions include inserting text boxes . Which consequently also opens the possibility of adjusting said texts on this platform, that is, showing the text aligned to the limits of the margin in the way you want.

How to Justify Text in Adobe Illustrator the Easy Way

For this reason, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to adjust a text in Adobe Illustrator in a simple way, as well as how to adjust it to frames of another type.

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  1. How to easily adjust a text in Adobe Illustrator?
  2. How to wrap a text in Adobe Illustrator without separating the words on the last line?
  3. How to justify text boxes with boxes of another type in Adobe Illustrator?
  4. Text alignment options in Adobe Illustrator
    1.  To the center of the frame
    2.  From the bottom or top
    3. Uniform justified
  5. How can I fit an image with text in Adobe
  6. Is it possible to justify texts on a base grid?
  7. How to Create Balanced Titles and Text in Adobe Illustrator

How to easily adjust a text in Adobe Illustrator?

Editing platforms offer users various ways to align the texts they enter. Adobe Illustrator is no exception, because despite the fact that it is a program for editing graphics, it offers the option of editing and inserting text in it , and therefore, the option of adjusting a text.

In this way, once you have entered a text in the Adobe Illustrator program, to adjust it, that is, so that it appears aligned on both margins , you must select the text in its entirety. Afterwards, you will notice that an option called “Paragraph” appears in the toolbar at the top of the editing window.

There, you will notice that you have at your disposal three options available , those of aligned to the right, to the left and centered, or also known as “Justify text”; this being the one that interests you. Therefore, you only need to select this option to easily adjust the text that you have created in Adobe Illustrator.

Likewise, if you prefer, you can also select the “Paragraph” option and once you do, a menu will be displayed that shows a wider series of options. There, you must select the option “Justify all lines” , to center the text.

How to wrap a text in Adobe Illustrator without separating the words on the last line?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most versatile platforms on the market, since it is possible to convert an image to a vector , to insert simple text boxes . Therefore, many times when you proceed to wrap yourself, the last line of the paragraph looks separate, that is, with too large spaces between the words, which looks unprofessional.

With this in mind, the Adobe Illustrator platform has a tool that allows users to adjust the text, but keeping the last line of the paragraph aligned to the left .

To achieve this, after you have entered the text you want to align, you must locate the text tools panel and select the option called “Paragraph”. When you access it, a menu will be displayed that shows various alignment options, and you must select the one identified as “Justify with the last line aligned to the left . 

In this way, you will notice that the words in the last line of your text in Adobe Illustrator remain aligned to the left. What makes the paragraph look better .

How to justify text boxes with boxes of another type in Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator, being a program designed for the creation and editing of graphics, has functions to create and insert shapes on its platform , as well as simple text boxes. So if for some reason, you need to show these two formats aligned , you can do it.

So, if you want to justify the texts with the limits of the box that has an image in Adobe Illustrator, you must locate the option “Align” in the tool panel of this window.

Once the corresponding menu is displayed, select the option called “More options”, there you must select the “Align to pictogram border” to justify these two forms, either “Area text” or, failing that, “Text of point”.

Then, you just have to select the text and the object you want, with the selection tool of the platform. Finally, you will have to select the alignment and justification option of your preference in Adobe Illustrator.

Text alignment options in Adobe Illustrator

 To the center of the frame

We select all the objects, we give an additional click on the key object and clip to center. Another way is using the tool located at the top , text in area, you have different options but we choose the center. Also going to the menu or main bar located at the top and we will get the option to align, we will have two ways to align it.

The first option is to align to selection or the second option is to align to work sample. Then with the option of aligning with the work sample, we proceed with the pressed text, placing the text in the place we want, in this case, in the center.

 From the bottom or top

If we look at the toolbar we can find the option to align text , when your text is located at the bottom, but you do not want it to be located there, with the text align tool, but with a working sample , then we press and hold the text and from the bottom we easily drag to the top.

Uniform justified

In the toolbar located on the right side of your screen we will find the justification of the paragraphs , we click on the uniform justification.

How can I fit an image with text in Adobe

To adjust an image with text in Adobe we must insert the image that we will adjust with the text, it is recommended that the image or object is vectorized , then we hide the layer and then select the knife tool.

The knife tool is in the eraser submenu, we give left clip to divide into several parts to adjust the text. Later we go to the text tool, write a text and in the character panel we adjust the typography.

Once we have the text we press the Ctrl 10 key to see the silhouette of the image or object, then we arrange each text in each division before made, we press the Ctrl 10 key again and then right click and choose the option to organize and then click on the option to send back.

Finally we right click and select ungroup. Then we go to the upper panel, select the envelope distortion option and execute on create with upper objects, immediately you will have the text adjusted to the image.

Is it possible to justify texts on a base grid?

Yes, it is possible to justify the text in a base grid by deactivating the main frame box, because we will make our own text frames, then we fill the created columns with text, then we go to the text adjustment tools, finally you will have the option to justify text.

How to Create Balanced Titles and Text in Adobe Illustrator

The titles and balanced texts in Adobe IIIustrates are different ways where you build or create a text in a circular, square, rectangular, horizontal or vertical form. In addition, a typeface created by yourself, that is, playing with the typography, effects and text tools that Adobe IIustrator provides us.

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