How to Use the ‘Mesh’ Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an application used as a graphics editor and is a bit similar to Adobe Photoshop. With it you can create creations of drawings, sketches, photos or logos with great finishes.

A very useful tool that this application presents is that of ´Mesh´, this allows you to make smooth variations in the tone of the color in your illustrations allowing you to achieve the finish you hope to have.

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  1. What steps to do to use the ‘Mesh’ tool in your Adobe Illustrator?
  2. How can you edit ‘Mesh’ objects in the Adobe Illustrator program?
  3. How to remove a point made by mistake with the ‘Mesh’ tool in Adobe Illustrator?
    1. Pressing the ‘ALT’ key on your PC
    2. Use the ‘Option’ key on your Mac OS
  4. How can you save your edited photo in Adobe Illustrator?

What steps to do to use the ‘Mesh’ tool in your Adobe Illustrator?

  • The first thing is to download the Adobe Illustrator application and then open it, select now the image you want to edit.
  • Locate and select the mesh tool shown with a drawing, of the mesh. You must immediately choose a color for the points.
  • Move the mouse to the image to edit and click where you want to place the first point and continue placing points throughout the drawing. The whole drawing will now become itself but with the mesh on it.

This will help you for many things, for example making a gradient, where you will only have to right-click on the drawing, choose the option ‘Gradient mesh’ and choose the colors and the place of the mesh from where you want the image to begin to degrade. colour.

How can you edit ‘Mesh’ objects in the Adobe Illustrator program?

This depends on what you want to do with the objects. You can move them, delete them, blur them, among other options. We will show you the most used ones.

  • If you want to add a new point, you have to select the tool, choose the color and then place it in the part of the object where you want it to be.
  • If you want to move it, you will have to select it and drag it to the new place where you want to place it.
  • To change the color of the point just select it and from the color panel drag a color to the point. You can also click on the object, select the option ‘Count drops’ and apply the new fill color.
  • If you want to change the effect of the object you will have to press on the PC keyboard ´Control + C and Control + F´, in the upper margin of the screen select the option of ´Attach transparency´, go to the option of ´Effects´ and select ‘Effects Gallery’ and then choose the texture or effect you prefer.

How to remove a point made by mistake with the ‘Mesh’ tool in Adobe Illustrator?

When you do not know well how to handle the ‘Mesh’ tool, it is easy to make mistakes and even more so when placing each point on the object to be edited. If you’ve placed a point where it shouldn’t go, follow the steps below.

Pressing the ‘ALT’ key on your PC

Hold down the ALT key and then you have to select the mesh point together with the tool. This will allow the point to be removed without causing damage to the rest of the object.

Use the ‘Option’ key on your Mac OS

If you are using the Adobe Illustrator program from a Mac OS and you want to delete a point of the object on which you had already placed an image, you just have to select the “Option” key and then click on the point you want to delete .

How can you save your edited photo in Adobe Illustrator?

After editing a photo, you can save them in the 2 most common formats but different from each other JPG or PNG . Once you have chosen the format and saved in the location you want, you can share it in any application such as WhatsApp , Facebook, Instagram or print it without problems.

JPG format:

  • Start by selecting the image. Then open ‘File’ and click on the ‘Export’ option.
  • A window will open for you to choose the folder where you want to save the image, you must give it a name and you will also have the option to choose the format which will be JPG.
  • A new window will open where you must choose the color model of the image. This will depend on the use that you will give to it; for example if you want to print the color to use CMYK, if instead the image will only be used in digital media then the color must be RGB. And if instead you want to save the image without colors, just choose a grayscale, white or black.

After choosing the color you will have other options to select such as image quality, resolution and smoothness.

PNG format:

  • As with the JPG format, you must select the image, Open the Adobe Illustrator file and select ‘Export’.
  • In the window that will open you will have to choose the PNG format and then the same steps for the colors, image quality, resolution, smoothness, save and that’s it.

If you want to save an image that you have to finish editing later, it is best to save it in ´AL´ format because if you do it in other formats you will not be able to open it again in the Adobe Illustrer program. To do this you just have to follow the same steps above and at the time of saving the image choose the AL format. You can still open this format in another application later.

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