How to create an invitation in Adobe Illustrator?

This program is a vector graphics editor , this is nothing more than interactive editing from the comfort of a common computer. Those who are part of the design world know very well the importance of Adobe Illustrator. Those who are not part of the design world have probably heard of its existence as well and know that it is a very original and professional program.

Now, in Adobe Illustrator you can create all kinds of designs. From logos, posts, advertisements, to cards or invitations. The latter will be the main topic of this article. How to create an invitation in Adobe Illustrator , an amazing digital creation medium for anyone immersed in design.


  1.  What information should you include in your invitation card?
    1.  Reason for the invitation
    2.  event location
    3.  Date and Time
  2.  What are the Adobe Illustrator tools that you can use to design invitations?
  3.  How to save your newly created invitation in Adobe Illustrator?

What information should you include in your invitation card?

Adobe Illustrator is something different from other applications, other programs or websites, such as the Canva website, which is a site for slightly more amateur designers . Adobe Illustrator is somewhat more similar in this sense to Photoshop, which is also an Adobe program.

When designing an invitation card with Adobe, the designer must first of all locate himself in the context of the card . Without the context, what results is likely to be disastrous. The first thing you should know is the reason for the invitation, even so, that will be discussed later.

Another very important thing when it comes to any design, and even more so if the reason for this design is a card for certain people, is that the designer must take into account the tastes of the person who asked to design the card. If the design and reasons for this are not taken into account, what the person needs to convey will not be conveyed.

An advantage of using Adobe Illustrator is that designs of any kind can be created with the Adobe Illustrator Shape Creator . These shape designs that are produced here are something incredible, since they represent a great help in the designer’s toolbox.

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Reason for the invitation

The main thing, as previously mentioned, are the reasons for the invitation. The designer must be very clear about whether the card invitation is for a wedding, for a graduation, if it is for a baby shower, if perhaps the reason for the invitation is for a youth party, a school party, a children’s party. Among many other reasons that the card may have.

The fact that the creator knows the reasons for the invitation will lead him to be part of the context of this. And you will know much more exactly where you should direct your design . Without having properly and accurately directed your design, you will not be able to achieve success at the end. However, if you are clear from the beginning what you are doing, the result will be successful.

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event location

The location of the event is very important. Without this present on the card, the guests will not know how to get to the event or where they should go. Before it was very common for the guests to have a vague idea of ​​where the place was and for the address not to specify too much, but nowadays something better can be done.

Right now, with digitization, many can use their Google Maps to navigate to a place. With this they will know how to get there exactly without getting lost. After having the exact address of the place, each person will be able to find how to get there and which way to go.

The cards can carry, if you like, a GoogleMaps address of the place, clearly from a common reference point. But today it has become popular to use this method in invitation cards to an event. For this, the designer will only need to cut the image and paste the address from the App to the design.

Date and Time

These data will serve so that the guest feels located in the time in which he should arrive. This will prevent delays or excessively early arrival . The date and time can be located on the card just below the location. That is a good place for them to be placed.

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What are the Adobe Illustrator tools that you can use to design invitations?

For those of you who are event planners, or event card designers, Adobe has tools to make your life easier . From the tool called brush you can add decorative frames and place the figures according to the criteria of the designer himself. It is a very useful tool.

Now, to insert an image, just click on the file and when you select open, a window will be displayed with many options under which you can add one image or several. Depending on the designer’s needs, their sizes can be adjusted when the mouse is held down.

All of these tools will help make an invitation in Adobe Illustrator . In addition, the shading of the image, the insertion of text in the card, are never too much and are of great help when creating. Everything works as well to create cards as anything else.

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How to save your newly created invitation in Adobe Illustrator?

The worst nightmare for a designer is that their design changes are not saved . This implies that all the time spent was merely in vain. For this, the ways to save the newly generated invitation in Adobe Illustrator will be left here.

In the EPS format, all you need to do is choose the file, click save a copy , type the file name and location right there. The name of the EPS format should be placed and from there just click on save. This will cause the file to be saved and all previous work done will not be lost.

This article showed how Adobe Illustrator can be used to do anything from simple logos to invitations. Anything with the proper use of the tools can be achieved with Adobe Illustrator, you just have to design.

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