How to put effects or filters on photos from ‘Canva’?

Since its creation, Canva has been a very important tool when it comes to designing an image, informative post, flyer or any advertisement . Canva has become the Adobe Illustrator for newbies. Many compare it with good design Apps, since it is a pretty good application for how simple it manages to be.

In addition to being simple, it is also a highly functional application. The fact of being so functional means that many of the users use it for all kinds of needs. From making a post to publish on Instagram, to putting filters on photos. The latter will be explained in this article.

It is important to note that although Canva is used by both novices and experts, there is a group of people who dislike using this app. All this because they often say that it is an application for brief design and that with it you do not achieve much due to its simplicity.


  1.  How to see the entire list of effects in Canva for your photos?
  2.  What should you do to add a warm filter to your edited photos in Canva?
    1.  high contrast filters
  3.  How to remove color from a high contrast filter in Canva?
  4.  How to adjust the filter with which you will edit your photos in Canva?
    1.  Brightness or saturation
    2.  crop or ratio

How to see the entire list of effects in Canva for your photos?

The first thing that the user who wants to see the list of photo effects that are in Canva as an application, program or web page, must do is to have a Canva account . It is very easy to create an account in Canva, this will only take a few minutes and generally only the email and some other information of the person is needed to create an account.

After having created the account in Canva , the user should only go to the general toolbar to quickly find the list of photo effects that are available there. All these existing effects can be used in the best way for those who know how to take advantage of their photos.

Those who do not know how to handle the entire App very well, can also start exploring it. And if you’re not into design either, Canva is a good place to start learning .


In the effects option exposed there, you can select the effects that are available in Canva for use by whoever is editing at the moment. What will help the user to create good editions will be the good combination of colors, for this distinguishing the nuances that will look good in the photo is essential.

What should you do to add a warm filter to your edited photos in Canva?

Knowing the names of the filters available in Canva is something that will greatly help the user who wants to add warmth or cool tones to their photo. In the case of wanting to place a warm tone filter, the user can go to the Sunset filter , for example, and add it to their photo to add warmth to it.

Canva, being such a complete application, helps those who want to do any kind of design and editing to their photos. For example, Canva has a widely used option for creating blog covers . This cover option can be combined with the use of any of the previously mentioned filters.

high contrast filters

Blurring photos, increasing saturation, and playing with contrast in Canva all help keep the contrast high. But the user must know how to distinguish high and low contrast filters .

canva on laptop

You will be able to achieve this by looking at the existing types of filters and, depending on your criteria, use the one that is most striking or adapts to your needs for the photo of the moment. Keeping these types of issues in mind is what will help make the photo great in the end.

How to remove color from a high contrast filter in Canva?

To edit something from a filter, the user will only need to be located in the filter tool in Canva and click on the option that goes by the name: normal. Then some options will be displayed from which you must choose the one that says high contrast, once in it you will be able to see if it has a considerable saturation and how to remove or reduce it.

How to adjust the filter with which you will edit your photos in Canva?

On the other hand, it is important that in case you want to make a photo or image already uploaded to Canva more transparent or have more transparency, it can also be adjusted. In this way only by adjusting the brightness the photos can be edited. Other tools may also be used.

Something incredible about Canva is that with this App you can achieve so much that photos edited there can be photos similar to those in the Pinterest App . That is a very good achievement for Canva, because Pinterest is the best App for photos and designs. That feat can be achieved only if the person who edits it has a good eye.

canva on cell phone

Brightness or saturation

To change the brightness or saturation of an image so it can be lighter, there is an option on the top bar just above the template that can be used. The tool is called transparency. This is awesome for lowering saturation or brightness. It can be used that way if the user so dictates.

crop or ratio

Similarly, making sure an image or photograph is well cropped and in good proportion helps the photo to be harmonious . This can also be achieved using a tool found in the top bar of the template. User can make sure to make the best edits with Canva whenever they want by these tips.

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