How to Improve Employee Performance

Employees are one of the most important assets in the company. Therefore, if the employees have a good performance, it will certainly make the company progress and develop, and vice versa.

Of course, the task of a leader in this case is to be able to maintain good employee performance, precisely with the existence of “ reciprocity ” that is mutually beneficial.

This needs to be done by a leader, considering the existing employees will not always show their best performance.

Even so, there are still opportunities to be able to improve employee performance in effective ways which will be discussed below;

Knowing the Effective Steps Taken to Improve Employee Performance

1. Fulfill and Realize Employee Rights

Do you remember when you received these employees for the first time? There must be a signature on the rights and obligations of employees that have been mutually agreed upon, right?

These rights usually include salary, holiday allowances, leave rights, and so on.

Likewise with obligations that can provide an outline of the work they must obey.

Now, if your employees have fulfilled their obligations, then immediately fulfill their rights, don’t forget or neglect.

Because if employee rights are not fulfilled, it can cause employee performance to decline.

If the employees have fulfilled their rights, but their performance is still declining, perhaps there are other causes that will be discussed in the next points.

2. Provide a suitable and clear career path

Everyone, especially employees, of course, wants to have a bright and sustainable career.

Therefore, it is possible that the employee’s performance has decreased due to the absence of “ challenges ” that they went through for them to achieve, so work feels boring.

It’s good to refresh and progress the office itself, make a meaningful change for your employees.

Generate self-confidence and hard work by providing a suitable and clear career path.

If in your company there are employees who have been loyal to dedicate performance to the company, challenge them to be able to reach the next stage properly, namely a higher career ladder than now.

Sometimes, the employees who work in addition to eyeing a salary that matches their wishes are also eyeing a career path that can lead to a pretty good future.

Don’t let this be ignored, because if employees are “ uncomfortable ” and do not have a clear fate in the company you are managing, be prepared to lose them one by one.

Start discussing this with the relevant parties and ‘challenge’ employees who deserve to have a better career.

3. Give Employees the Opportunity to Express Criticism and Suggestions

The decline in employee performance may not only be from him, there are other factors that contribute to this, one of which is that employees have displeasure with the leadership or managerial team.

If this is left unchecked, it will become a “ time bomb ” which at any time can “ explode ” and destroy what has been built.

This situation is not something that is excessive but a reality that often occurs in companies.

Therefore, give them the opportunity to express constructive criticism and suggestions for the company, leadership, and managerial team.

That way, not only employees need to be addressed but also the main system in the company must admit mistakes, correct and make changes for the common good.

Trust me, with this “ container ”, employee performance can increase and even exceed your expected expectations.

4. Provide Punishment and Reward

Punishment and reward is an effective way to improve employee performance.

If the employees where you work work optimally in accordance with what is directed, then as company leadership there is nothing wrong with giving them rewards.

The rewards can be in the form of bonuses in the form of money or goods, traveling abroad or domestically, giving them holidays on work days, and so on.

With such rewards, they will be motivated to work even better so that there are no more unpleasant ‘dramas’ or hearing your employees work carelessly.

Even so, you also need to make punishment which is the consequence of the work they do.

Of course, the punishment that is made must be in accordance with the agreement and make sure that no one is harmed in this case.

5. Creating a Transparent Job Assessment System

Have you ever heard or experienced yourself, where your employees protest because company management is doing unfairly?

Doing this unfairly certainly takes many forms, whether this is giving more salary to someone whose performance is considered poor, giving projects to certain people who are close to the leadership, and so on.

If the leadership does not mean that, there will still be bad prejudice so that employees are lazy to work and the longer their performance will decline.

Therefore, it is proper for the company to carry out a transparent assessment system. It would be better if it is done at the beginning of the contract signing so that they will know what work assessments are being carried out by the company.

This will be useful, when their performance decreases and they quickly realize which ones need to be addressed and evaluated.

6. Conducting Training and Training

If you have done the points above, however, the employee’s performance is still declining and unstable, then the next way that can be done is by holding training and training.

This training and training is very useful for opening and adding new knowledge to employees.

Like an engine in a car, of course something must be updated or replaced in order to show good performance.

Likewise with your employees, it is possible that companies running in that place are because they are ‘left behind’ by a lot of information and the current situation.

For example, a finance employee feels slow in depositing company finances or profits that day.

It turns out that we have an investigation, the system used is outdated and it is appropriate for the company to accept it slowly.

Likewise for marketing and sales, sales may decline due to their limited communication and public speaking training must be held to get consumers in a good and right way.

7. Make close friends

Apart from the fact that the salary is in line with expectations, another factor that employees have to make their performance better is the pleasant atmosphere of friendship in the office.

A good work climate is also a determining factor for whether the employee feels comfortable in a company.

Of course, they have a feeling of homesickness and feel at home for a long time there. This is clearly an advantage for the company because employees are very close and can work together well.

If you haven’t seen employees like that, try to check whether they are familiar with their office friends?

If not, you can create a program with the aim of familiarizing your fellow employees, whether it’s traveling together, sports, or just having lunch together by inviting influential employees to make this a success.

  1. Finding the main source of employee problems

If you have done the points above but employees are still showing poor performance, then the next step that must be done is to find the main source of the problem.

You can call the employee to explore the problem at hand. Also involve the HRD in this matter so that a solution can be found.

Try not to combine the mentality by reprimanding it in front of the employees. Besides, don’t offend them in this way.

Everything returns to good communication and a win-win solution for both parties.

If the employee is not being kind and cooperative, you have the right to take the Next Step whether it’s firing him or giving a warning.

Usually that is effective, so that they come back “ awake ” to work better.

The problems faced by employees are also different and sometimes quite unique. If the problem concerns his family.

Before deciding to fire him, it’s good to give it off first to solve family problems at hand.

In this case, your wise attitude as a leader will be highly appreciated by employees. Makes them embarrassed and uncomfortable so that they will automatically return to good performance.

9. Make and Set Clear Targets

Perhaps, the cause of the decline in employee performance is due to unclear targets set by the company.

They just do their basic work without any “ challenges ” and clear calculations.

Sometimes the target is not a barrier or a weight to the employee, but rather a challenge that can make work more ‘alive’.

Well, if you see these types of employees in your company. Immediately set clear targets.

Invite them to “ solve ” problems facing the company. Don’t forget to determine the rewards and punishments to make it more interesting to live with.

This target can be started by planning short and long term targets. That way, they will work optimally.

10. Fire Employees

Firing employees is the last resort where you have not done various ways but have not succeeded either.

This employee dismissal is very good to do, when an employee has harmed the employee and also disturbs the performance of other employees who still want to work at the company.

You, as the leader, have done something fixed and firm, where the energy is not used for long for employees who do not want to follow company rules.

Certainly this dismissal will have an impact on the company, whether it’s good or bad. However, think again, not because a few people, the company suffers a lot of losses.

You also need to make sure that you can do this stage of dismissal where the employee has been warned many times but still creates ” trouble ” and is very detrimental to the company.

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Employees are indeed the most important asset in the company so it is only natural for the company to provide the best for them. Namely by looking at what they need as well as having a good impact on the company?

But certainly, if the company has provided the best for employees, employees will do the same for the company.

Hopefully the information about 10 effective ways to improve employee performance above is useful for those of you who are currently facing the above problems.

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