10 Ways to Become Reliable Marketing at Startup Companies

It can be said that since 2010, technology has developed incredibly rapidly in human civilization. Nowadays it seems that almost everyone is so dependent on devices and also needs internet access.

This increasingly sophisticated lifestyle clearly affects various aspects of life, including the business sector. Yep, in the last decade or so, you could say that there are so many startups aka startups popping up like mushrooms in the rainy season. Not only globally, the number in Indonesia continues to grow.

Names like Gojek, Tokopedia and Traveloka are three examples of startup businesses from Indonesia that have had extraordinary achievements. Gojek even listed itself as the first Indonesian native decacorn startup with a total valuation of US $ 10 billion! The company, which was founded by Mendikbud Nadiem Makarim, reportedly has an income of around US $ 8 million (around Rp115 billion per year).

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It’s quite interesting when talking about startups . The term originally referred to a small company that has been running for several months, now startup identical as a pioneering effort that moves in the field of technology. Compared to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), startups have faster business growth.

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic like today, according to research by the Katadata Insight Center Survey with the Ministry of Communication and Information, around 50% of startup companies claim to survive until 2021, as reported by Medcom. Of course, so that startups continue to run, a very reliable marketing figure is needed . Reliable marketing will be the spearhead of a startup company that can exist and obtain large amounts of funding. How do you become a reliable marketing startup ? Check out the following reviews!

Here’s How To Become A Reliable Startup Marketing Company

1. Studying Digital Marketing

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As mentioned earlier, startup companies are startups engaged in technology. Referring to the Industrial Revolution 4.0, current technology cannot be separated from the internet. So you could say that startup companies are sure to run their business online .

Because online , marketing is done through digital channels, aka the all-round internet. Because unlike traditional businesses, if you want to become a good marketing person at a startup company , you have to start learning the ins and outs of digital marketing . As the name suggests, digital marketing is a marketing technique that uses digital media and the internet.

Digital media used in digital marketing are websites, email , social media and of course mobile applications . In digital marketing , there are many things to learn from SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ), SMM ( Social Media Marketing ) to KOL ( Key Opinion Leader ).

2. Visual Content is King

Since then until now, visual content is still an attraction in the marketing field. This also applies when you are a marketing startup company . Where attractive visual content can make potential consumers interested. Not only in the form of images, visual content also includes photos, animated images, infographics and of course videos.

Especially when introducing startup companies whose target market is active internet users, the combination of visual content with attractive audio will clearly be able to increase brand awareness, aka the level of consumer awareness of the startup business itself. Because of that, don’t create perfunctory visual content, but if necessary, invite competent illustrators, animators, videographers and graphic designers to describe the startup business you want to introduce, without hard-selling .

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3. Understand Marketing Technology

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It is impossible to be a reliable marketer at a startup company if you don’t master the technology around digital marketing . For this reason, you must know the technologies that are currently being used in digital marketing, so that the performance results of the marketing department can be maximized. You can use several digital marketing technology software and applications such as Google Analytics, Aweber, AdRoll.

Likewise with the statistical tools that are usually provided by social media, whether Facebook or Instagram, you can see insight reports that will be very useful in implementing marketing strategies in the future. By understanding how to use these digital marketing technologies , you can achieve your goals as a marketing company for a reliable startup .

4. Importance of Data Analysis

Compared to SMEs, startup business funding comes from investors. Take a look at how Gojek can lure the world’s technology giants like Facebook, PayPal, Google and Tencent to become investors. Of course the success of Gojek cannot be separated from the achievements of online transportation services which can be proven through data.

Yep, data is a fundamental thing that must be upheld if you want to be a reliable marketing startup company . Through this amount of data, a marketing can be called successful or not. Because in the data, it can be seen that the value of the company’s earnings, such as consumer behavior and sales performance, can be seen. Through this marketing data , other divisions in startup companies can determine their future vision and mission.

5. Follow Digital Marketing Trends

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Because you are a marketing startup company , you must be updated with all digital marketing trends . For your information, digital marketing is always changing dynamically and demands that business people understand. For example, if in the beginning digital marketing through social media only focused on Facebook and Instagram, now it is no longer.

Currently, there are many platforms that can become digital marketing wetlands such as Twitter, Youtube to TikTok which are so viral among young people. Even if digital marketing used to use blogs for marketing through the visual side, now there are podcasts that can introduce a brand like radio broadcasts. The digital marketing trend has also triggered the presence of new influencers who have the potential to work with, at competitive rates.

6. Professional with Clients

Being a reliable marketer cannot be separated from having a professional attitude towards clients. Even in the digital marketing side , the professionalism of a marketer can be seen from how they send or reply to emails , to respond to client needs.

A professional nature will clearly make clients feel comfortable and ultimately have a positive impact on the startup company brand itself. For this reason, so that you can be professional, there are several skills that must be learned. Such as friendly, confident, influencing others and of course building networks.

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7. Have an Innovative Strategy

As the spearhead of a startup company , it is certain that a marketing person must always have innovative ideas. This innovative idea must be a marketing strategy that is attractive and continues to evolve with the times. Basically there are lots of innovative strategies a marketing startup can put forward .

For example, using a referral program through collaboration with third parties, because after all consumers are more interested in a business recommended by their closest people. Or you offer a marketing strategy through an SEO article contest, so that many bloggers get involved which also makes startup companies more recognized on internet search engines.

8. Keep Strengthening the Community

Even though startup companies actually run their business online , as a marketer you shouldn’t rule out a community. Yep, community is one of the offline activities that is very effective in the marketing techniques of startup companies . For example, if you are a marketing startup for online food delivery services , be actively involved in the authentic Indonesian culinary enthusiast community.

Try to have regular meetings with members of the community in an event held in certain cities. Through offline meetings , you will be able to meet new potential customers and get a lot of data related to real market behavior . With this community, startup company brands will be more widely recognized.

9. Keep Learning

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In order to become a good marketer , you have to keep learning and don’t get complacent. The method of learning can be through various things, starting with meeting with more powerful senior marketers , studying popular marketing books , following the latest news about marketing abroad to taking online classes on digital marketing .

Luckily, there are currently lots of online digital marketing classes that can be followed, such as the Google Online Marketing Challenge, Coursera, Wordstreams PPC University, Udemy and the Master Marketer program that Simplilearn offers. You can also monitor podcasts or articles published by Moz, SEOGadget, Social Media Today to the Content Marketing Institute.

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10. Understand the Importance of Branding

Well, the last step you can take in order to become a reliable marketer is to fully understand the importance of branding . For example, if you are a marketing staff from a startup online tour package message service provider , then try to hook up with clients who are indeed related to the tourism, traveling or culinary sector, which also make the company’s brand more positive.

Even if necessary, collaborate with social events to make the brand image of the startup company more positive. With positive branding , it is certain that the public will be more concerned, interested and ultimately make sales of goods or services increase.

How? Isn’t it difficult not to become a reliable startup marketing company ? Because in essence, all of the above reviews depart from great intention and desire. A figure who is always passionate and willing to learn, will be able to become quality marketing . Well, a quality marketing person is what will make the company so dependent and certainly irreplaceable.


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