Types of Millennial Employees We Need to Understand

The millennial generation, of course, has been very familiar with all over the world in this century. The name millennial itself was born by Neil Howe and William Strauss where they are historians and writers in America.

In his book, it is stated that there are literally no specific demographics in determining the group of the millennial generation.

However, these historians classify the start and end years of the millennial generation, namely Generation Y who were born in 1980-1990, early 2000 and so on.

Therefore, it can be said that this millennial generation is described as a different generation than before, where they have different motivations, goals, and ambitions when carrying out their careers.

For those of you as company leaders, if you want to recruit the millennial generation, you must first know the types they have, especially in the world of work so that they can work well together. And here are the reviews!

1. Competitive Type Millennial Employees

This competitive type of millennial employee usually has bright ideas that are quite “ out of the box ”, he can work agile, and fast.

So it’s not surprising, someone who has this competitive type is able to adjust wherever he is working and will always do his best.

In addition, he will work if he feels that the challenges he faces are quite “ dangerous ” because that is where his creativity will emerge.

Even so, there are also disadvantages, namely when he does not find a colleague who understands him, that is, he has a fast working rhythm and blocks his ambition.

He will choose to resign and find a workplace that suits him.

2. Type of Millennial Employee is Troubled Easy

Apart from the types above, there are millennial types of employees who are the type to bother easily. It means,

He is the type of millennial employee who is easily or quickly eager to work, but can change instantly into a person who is very lazy when he gets carried away.

In fact, when it comes to hopes and dreams that cannot be realized in that place, he will not hesitate to resign from the office and look for a place that can make his dreams come true.

3. Hard-working Millennial Employees

Who says that many millennial employees are careless and lazy?

Of course, not all millennials are like that and in fact there are those who are hardworking types.

Millennial employees will work hard for something they love and are according to their goals.

You could say, he will do anything to the totality so that the job goes according to the leadership’s instructions and plans.

Therefore, if he has not found a job that matches his passion, he will move between jobs or divisions until he finds a job that is suitable and right for him.

4. Millennial Employees Love to Be Praised

Anyone would be happy if their work received a positive response from the people around them, especially their leaders.

Even so, it turns out that there is a dominant type of millennial employee who likes to be praised and recognized for their work.

A compliment that he expected, of course without reason, the employee deserves it because he is also very reliable in every job he does.

He is able to work together with people around him and can do work according to directions.

Therefore, if you find a millennial employee who likes to be praised, if you want to criticize him, try not to be in front of other employees because it will reduce his enthusiasm for work.

Give praise in accordance with what is done and give constructive criticism in a way that is good for the benefit of the employee.

5. Creative Type Millennial Employees

The next type of millennial employee is the creative type. Usually someone who has this type will do all the work that he can do as long as he doesn’t limit his creations.

Therefore, this type of employee does not like binding and orderly rules and tends to have a unique personality.

If you find this type of employee, then to treat it is to give full trust to him and give him the freedom and responsibility to complete the job according to his creation.

And usually he will be excited to give bright ideas that tend to be unique and interesting.

For those of you who work at a certain service company or business, hire this type of millennial employee because it will provide good for the company.

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6. Leadership Type Millennial Employees

The next Tiper is a type of millennial employee who has a leadership spirit. An employee with this type will be able to manage everything in the job and be able to work as a team.

Therefore, if in your office you find this type of employee, then trust him to lead a project at work.

Usually, he will feel excited about being given this responsibility so that he is able to complete the job well.

Even so, give him clear boundaries and rules so that he does not lead at will.

Because it can happen that there is too much confidence so that he turns into a boss who always orders not a leader to direct or motivate.

If this opportunity is not given to him, he will feel not recognized or appreciated and choose to resign from his place of work.

7. Millennial Employees Are Difficult to Manage

The next type is millennial employees who are difficult to manage. Therefore, usually this type of employee will not last long.

He will not survive with people who always tell him and vice versa the people who are in the same team with him will not feel comfortable either.

This unruly type is actually not suitable for being an employee. He is more suitable for being a boss, opening his own business or company

However, sometimes He doesn’t know what to do and how. He needs a mentor or someone he likes to advise him so that he is able to be self-employed.

If you come across this type of employee, be wise and give direction slowly.

8. All Out Type Millennial Employees

The next type is the all out type. As the name implies, employees who have the type will work optimally until they are completely done well.

Therefore, this all out type is the opposite of the bother-easy type, even so, it is not the type that is easy to manage either, because doing this “ all out ” job usually has a vision and mission that matches it.

If someone gets in the way of this, he will not give up and will continue to move even if he is alone.

But certainly, the work will be done as much as possible and other people will benefit from this.

9. Millennial Employees are Sensitive Types

As the name implies, this employee certainly has very sensitive feelings.

I am so sensitive, he will not be able to concentrate on work, when he has problems outside the office.

Not only that, if he makes a mistake and is reprimanded or scolded by the leader, be ready to accept a letter of resignation from him, because for him it is very painful.

Even so, he is an employee who has a high social spirit and cares for the people around him.

Such strong empathy makes him a comfortable place to exchange stories.

10. Unique Type of Millennial Employees

Because this employee has unique characteristics, no one can predict and understand his thoughts except for those closest to him.

He will always have creative and unique ideas where the results are very satisfying and relieving many people.

even so, when he can’t think clearly and come up with bright ideas, he will either do something fun or go home first.

However, the next day can bring more “ crazy ” ideas and the job can be done well.

Therefore, give him the opportunity to be able to think clearly, don’t force him at that moment to have an idea, because it will never happen.

Unique, right?

Should It Be Specialized?

When there are millennial employees with these types in your company, should they be privileged?

Privileged here in the sense of being ignored, declared, or even “ alienated ” by doing things that are safe so that he is not involved in any special project or work?

Of course, if this is done, it is not a wise move. After all, he is still an employee who does have the same rights and obligations as the others.

Therefore, to apply the work itself, you need to apply the following tips on how to work effectively communicative between generations, along with the reviews;

  • Facilitate each employee with a consultation or guidance program that can bring together generations to exchange ideas, ideas, and expertise.
  • Because you think first at work or feel your oldest, don’t act like you know everything. Think openly and learn from anyone, including the millennial generation.
  • Make good employee management of both senior and new employees
  • Frequently, to create collaborations between employees so that they can get along, the office atmosphere becomes warm and open.
  • As much as possible, create a pleasant office atmosphere so that good friendships can be created by employees.
  • You can do a tour together or just eat after coming home from work.
  • Eliminate or avoid parents who can’t operate technology and millennials who always can’t appreciate experiences.
  • Use mixed communication methods such as video and face-to-face.
  • Build a culture of mutual respect and respect.


So, those are the 10 types of millennial employees that you must know. Hopefully this is useful and can collaborate well.

However, the millennial generation still needs guidance and direction from anyone, especially seniors.

However, the way of handling them is sometimes different because they need to be understood first before finally being able to mingle with anyone.

Changing times and treating those who change, produce millennial generations who are said to be unique and interesting.

Therefore, there is where we can always learn from them to keep up with what is currently the latest so that we too can develop well.


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