5 Tips to improve the performance of your Android phone

Nowadays, many casual gamers and gamers are using their Android devices more and more to enjoy their favorite games.

High-end Android phones offer excellent features, so playing any game on them usually doesn’t have many problems, but already mid-range or low-end phones can cause problems with games that demand high requirements.

There is nothing more infuriating than a slow or laggy game , depending on how slow it is and more if it is an online game it can become practically unplayable.

One option to play without problems is to install games that require few requirements on your phone , however, there are times that we have played a game and over time it begins to look slower, in this case or if you have always had problems with a game, you can optimize your phone so that you can get the most out of its hardware.


  • Tips to improve the performance of your Android phone
  • Apps to improve phone performance without root

Tips to improve the performance of your Android phone

There are many options to improve the speed of your phone, you should keep in mind that the games are loaded directly from the processor and the ram memory of your phone, so releasing the latter is the fastest option to improve or optimize the performance of your phone. while running a game

Messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram or social networks such as Instagram or Facebook usually work in the background because they need to be active when you receive a message or notification, however, these occupy your ram memory and can cause problems at the moment of running a game.

Also your phone may have a virus or malware that is affecting its performance so it is always good to be sure that our Android is free of these threats.

There are applications that you can use to improve the performance of your games , there are some that work only if your phone is rooted , however here we are going to give you some that you can use without having to root your phone.

Apps to improve phone performance without root

Getting an APK that is responsible for closing these applications that are in the background is a good option to improve the speed of your games. It also does not hurt to delete the cache or try to have the internal memory of your phone not so full.


You can start by downloading the Ccleaner, this application is very famous in its Windows version because it allows you to eliminate junk files, uninstall programs and improve the performance of your PC, as this program has an Android version that does the same.

You can download it from the Play Store and it gives you the ability to delete the cache and junk files on your phone as well as giving you the ability to speed up the phone by closing applications that you are not using, in addition to monitoring the general status of your system.

Advance Task Manager

This application is the spiritual successor of the Advance Task Killer, a very famous application years ago, as it allowed us to “kill” applications that were slowing down our Android phone, it was stopped updating many years ago and can no longer be found in the Play Store .

However, from the Advance Task Killer if you can download its latest version in the Play Store  and it allows you to do the same in addition to other options such as termination at startup, ignore applications when the task is finished, among other options to improve the speed of our mobile .

Gamer GLTool

Unlike the previous applications, this is specially designed to improve the performance of your Android when you play , this application will analyze your phone and offer you the options or improvements that you can apply on your phone or tablet taking into account its processor and GPU. .

This application available for download in the Play Store will offer you the same improvements as the previous applications but it also has a section called Game Tuner that will give you endless options such as changing the resolution and graphics of the game, changing FPS among others. And in its Pro version, which is paid, it has a GFX optimizer for mid-range or low-end cell phones, to improve its speed.


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