How to recover Pinterest account if I forget my password

It is the opportunity to talk about Pinterest, an App that is ideal to search for ideas and set your imagination to fly with Tumblr- style images , we remind you that in order to use Pinterest we must first register in the App.

In case you have created the Pinterest account, but you lost or forgot the password, you don’t have to worry, there is a solution to recover the password and be able to access Pinterest and continue enjoying the images and ideas that you will be able to there. find.


  • What is Pinterest? What is the use of Pinterest
  • Steps to recover my Pinterest account if I forget my password
  • Tips for not forgetting your Pinterest password

What is Pinterest? What is the use of Pinterest

On many occasions you have to look for ideas or images but we do not know from which platform to get those ideas or images. A perfect alternative is to use Pinterest because from there you can find good images and ideas that will serve as inspiration or for the development of projects.

So what is Pinterest? Pinterest , is an application that can be classified as a creativity App, since the utility of the App is to use it as an image or video search engine, users can use it from the web or from their mobile.

It is used to search for images or videos, but it can also be used to share images or videos of your own authorship, in this way the community, the material and the content are increasing more and more because while you are looking for any idea or information you will also be able to share it.

In this way it has been shown that the application serves to create, to be inspired and to be able to share projects so that other people follow you or save your images and create boards or you create boards and at the same time become a kind of social network where interacts through shared images.

Steps to recover my Pinterest account if I forget my password

We already know that Pinterest is an application in which you can download images from your mobile or computer , but to be able to do that it is necessary to have an account on the platform and if you lose or forget the password of the platform, you will not can do.

For this reason, below we are going to share the steps to recover a Pinterest account if you have forgotten the password. The first thing you have to do is enter the Pinterest App through your mobile or open the official page on your computer.

Then you will find the box where they ask you email and password to log in, as you have forgotten you have to select where it says ‘Forgot your password’,   Pinterest will automatically ask you to enter your email to search for the account .

You must select where it says ‘Send password reset email’ so that your email address can receive a link where you will be able to configure a new password. By setting the new password through email recovery you will be able to go to Pinterest and log in with the new password.

Tips for not forgetting your Pinterest password

Pinterest is such an efficient and good application that after having it you will not want to delete the account , on the contrary you will want to be able to use it for a long time since you will always find new things in it.

But, there is also the possibility that when creating the account you used a password that you later forgot and you have to go to recover the account with a new password to be able to continue using it , to avoid such situations we are going to share some tips not to forget your Pinterest password.

Ideally, when creating the account, use a common password that you also use frequently in some other account to be able to keep it in mind and not forget it. If you have created the account with a completely new password that you have never used before, it is advisable to write down the password in a calendar or reminder.

Another very good option is to use passwords that have important dates or events that you cannot easily forget so that whenever you log in you can remember that date and do not forget the password.


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