How do I delete or deactivate my Pinterest account?

Most people can go through a process of wanting to delete a Pinterest account or even deactivate it to get better results when it comes to getting better results. Many people may wonder why it would be a good idea to promote account deactivation.

Being able to delete or deactivate an account is an excellent possibility that gives people a breath of social networks or disappear because of the inconvenience. This is undoubtedly a transcendental idea to get away from the digital community and develop better ideas that give us spectacular results.

It is impossible to want to fix all the situations that are on the internet and feel worn out by the bad mood that people can cause. However, it is highly possible that Pinterest does the opposite , but at the same time it takes your time to be looking at interesting pins and publications.

Reasons to disable Pinterest

Some people claim that their love for social networks goes beyond all possible things. However, sometimes a good idea is to be able to make a stop from the day to day and stay exempt from what happens in the digital world.

Many times we forget that the digital age is just that, even though it encompasses 90% of activities today, it is also good to look at what exists in the real world. Going out to chat with friends, perform tasks that may create a distraction for users, promote creative projects, etc.

Therefore, below you can see the reasons why a Pinterest account is deactivated or deleted today.

Lack of time

Sometimes we take Pinterest or any other page as a muse of ideas, and in reality our days and life within the platform are going by. A great idea is to take a breather and accommodate everything that has not gone well during the planned time.

Poorly planned ideas

People tend to believe that because an idea has not gone as planned, it is best to keep trying. Maybe sometimes it is an excellent idea, but it is also good to relax and think with a cool head about what is happening, for this you can temporarily deactivate the accounts.

How do I delete or deactivate my Pinterest account?

Given the reasons mentioned above, a good idea is to follow the steps that will be considered to achieve better results.

  • You must click the three-point icon
  • It is necessary to choose the option of: “settings”
  • Time to enter account settings
  • Select the tab: “account deactivation”

At the time of performing these steps, the platform will ask for explanations about why you will take a break. You can put what you want to share on the page .

On the other hand, to delete said account it is possible that you do it within the same steps mentioned above. But this decision is extremely important to make and therefore must be done responsibly.

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