How to optimize the performance of my Windows 10 computer – PC Performance

The vast majority of users have the Windows 10 service on our computers, this program is their main operating system, basically it is wCategorieshat allows us to have all the programs on our computer.

However, that this system does not consume too many resources, it is not going to do as well as a microprocessor. Next, we will tell you how to make your computer work better with the Windows 10 service.

How to optimize the performance of my computer WINDOWS 10 – PC Performance

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  1. In what ways can you optimize your PC to improve its performance?
    1. Uninstalling unnecessary apps
    2. Checking that your PC is free of malware
    3. Freeing up space on your hard drive
  2. What programs help you to correctly optimize your computer?
  3. Why can’t you effectively optimize your computer and keep going slowly?

In what ways can you optimize your PC to improve its performance?

There are different ways to optimize the performance of your computer, one of them is improving the boot, this makes it start faster and for this there are a number of options. Also learn how to recover account, administrator in Windows 10 .

Uninstalling unnecessary apps

When we start Windows, most of the installed programs contain a routine which makes them start automatically when the Windows system is booting.

This means that in addition to having to allocate resources to the system, they must also be allocated to these programs, which is why we must try to eliminate everything that is not necessary. To do this we will do the following:

  • The first thing we must do is press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’keys  and so you can access the Windows task manager.
  • Then, go to the ‘Start’ tab, there a list of programs will appear which will appear in a column, if they appear ‘Enabled’ it is because they are starting during the computer startup.
  • Next, in order to remove this type of program, right-click on it, and then click on the ‘Disable’ optionand it will no longer start when the system boots.

Checking that your PC is free of malware

To check or know that your computer does not have any type of virus or malware, you must follow the following steps: you must open the Windows configuration, there you must select ‘Virus protection’ and ‘Scan options’, and then select ‘Windows defender offline scanning’, after that select ‘Scan now’.

This will take approximately 15 minutes as Windows Defender takes this amount of time to run and will then restart. Next, to see the results of the exam, you only have to comply with the following.

Open Windows Security ‘Settings’, then you need to click where it says ‘Protection and threats’ and ‘Protection history’, in this way, Windows Defender Offline will detect or remove any malware or put it in quarantine.

Freeing up space on your hard drive

Another of the things that we can do to maintain the performance of our computer is to keep the hard drive as clean as possible, for this, you just have to open its properties, clicking on the right button and clicking on the ‘ Free space’.

What programs help you to correctly optimize your computer?

Currently, there is a wide variety of programs to optimize your computer, especially for the Windows 10 system, this issue of cleaning your computer through external programs can be a bit delicate, since sometimes some solutions are worse than the problems from the beginning.

Next, we will tell you some of the programs which are mostly free and others are free with some paid options, first, we have BleachBit , this program is an open source alternative to CCleaner.

It is portable so it will not need to be installed, it is also available for Windows and GNU/Linux, this will help you maintain your privacy.

Another of the programs is CCleaner, this application allows you to clean your computer and speed up the operation, besides that you can eliminate all the unnecessary files as well as proceed to delete the other applications that have been uninstalled. In addition, to create restore points in Windows 10 .

Why can’t you effectively optimize your computer and keep going slowly?

One of the things why you cannot effectively optimize your computer may be because you do not maintain your computer, you do not clean your computer , this is due to cleaning it carefully, even from the inside. Where both dirt and dust can cause problems, not only in the system, but also in the components.

It is not just a basic problem, but also has to do with the graphics card and CPU, however, it has a lot to do with the dust that appears, since this will not allow the card to be damaged or damaged. any. The problem arises in relation to heat and cooling.

So no matter how much you maintain your computer throughout its system, if you do not maintain your equipment, you will not be able to effectively optimize your computer. On the other hand, learn how to avoid automatic shutdown in Windows 10 , which is extremely simple, you just have to optimize the operation, and proceed to carry out this step.


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