How To Create and send animated GIFs by WhatsApp

Since society as we know it began the process of digital globalization thanks to the internet, instant messaging services such as WhatsApp have stood out by optimizing the communication process regardless of the distance between the participants, with all kinds of interactive functions to make messaging a more interactive process.

In such a way, thanks to the fact that practically all members of society from a certain age have a mobile device, WhatsApp has become a tool for daily use , for which it is recommended to make a backup copy in WhatsApp  to save the great amount of information that this application usually accumulates on the mobile.

And although it is true, WhatsApp does not have a virtual storage service such as Telegram or other applications, it is possible to synchronize WhatsApp photos, videos and chats with Dropbox to save all kinds of information within a totally secure software outside the operating system of your computer while saving internal storage space on your computer.

Therefore, WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application today, as it has a wide range of complementary tools within a simple, totally free platform. With that in mind, today we will teach you how to use the tool to create and send animated GIFs by WhatsApp to your friends or contacts


  • Create and send animated GIFs by WhatsApp
  • Download GIFs to send on WhatsApp

Create and send animated GIFs by WhatsApp

Sending GIFs through a chat is one of the most interactive ways within a communication service to take the matter seriously, within the web, there are currently an infinity of GIFs on various pages to choose from. However, through your mobile, you can create GIFs of yourself or other people without any problem.

To do this, you just have to open your video camera and record the moment or reaction that you want to send as a GIF. Once you have it recorded, open the WhatsApp application and select a conversation, click on the clip icon and in the drop-down menu select the Gallery section.

Within the gallery, select the video you recorded to send it and then you will have the option to send it as a video or as a GIF in the chat , you can also trim the GIF by just selecting the time period of the video. It is also important to mention that it is recommended to send GIFs instead of videos since they have less weight.

In this way, you can also send GIFs created by yourself in alternative and safe applications to WhatsApp such as Telegram, Line, Skype, among others. Being a fairly simple method where it is not necessary to have a high computer knowledge.

In such a case that you want to make a GIF without having to send it to another person, you can open a chat with yourself through your mobile or PC browser using WhatsApp Web . So that you can create and send yourself all kinds of videos to convert into GIFs that you can then forward, thanks to the fact that these are saved within the computer’s database.

Download GIFs to send on WhatsApp

In order not to waste so much time in the process of searching for a GIF, it is recommended to use the internal tool that WhatsApp has to store and send them within its database, where they are always adding new material to compete with other services .

The most popular web application today to download all kinds of GIFs has been Giphy, where there is an infinity of GIFs at your disposal arranged in a structured way in categories so that you can easily locate them on the platform. In addition to Giphy, services such as Tenor, GIF-Finder or IMGFlip are also available on the web.

Within the official application store for Android and iOS there are also several applications to download and create animated GIFs for free. Among the recommended ones are GIF Camera, Timelapse, GIF me! Camera, GIF Maker and Gifboom.

Most of these apps have a Premium version to unlock more add-on tools and remove limitations from the free version. However, you can still work in peace without spending money.


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