How To Delete browsing history from Google Chrome on Android

Since its inception, Google Chrome has managed to establish itself as one of the main browsers we use today, especially on Android devices due to the way in which it is combined with the Google account of the phone to synchronize all kinds of browsing data between devices. and the different complementary tools of Google.

Considering how this browser has all the Google technology behind it , it is easy to understand the reasons why it has become so popular. Particularly considering the fact that you can save data using the Google Chrome browser easily compared to the rest of its direct competitors that use more data and mobile battery.

Thanks to the fact of being a multiplatform tool, it not only means that you can use the application on several devices but it is also possible to activate and deactivate the automatic synchronization of Google Chrome , so that all your browsing data, passwords and bookmarks are the same no matter what device you are using.

In this way, Google Chrome adapts perfectly to any type of particular need you have to make its use easier and more comfortable through all its available tools, mostly free. With that in mind, today we will show you how to delete, delete or clean the browsing history of Google Chrome on an Android mobile.


  • Delete browsing history from Google Chrome on Android
  • Delete Google browsing history

Delete browsing history from Google Chrome on Android

It is currently recommended to erase your browsing history from time to time to prevent the theft of personal information or the sale of it by companies or individuals who seek to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. This is due to the increasing increase in web browsing with each passing year where society is increasingly digitized.

Now, to delete the browsing history of Google Chrome on Android devices, the first thing you should do is open the browser application and select the three points on the upper right-hand screen to open the drop-down menu of options and mark in the section of “History”.

Now that you are in History, you will have all your browsing data available in chronological order, where you can delete a particular visit from the history by simply marking the icon in the shape of an “X” that is located next to each one.

The other way you have available is to erase all browsing data, where you can select a particular time period to erase. You can delete the history of the day, the week, the month or always to start from scratch . In addition, you will also have at hand the option to delete cookies and cache files to free up space on your mobile.

It is important to note that in case you regret deleting history, you also have the option to recover deleted history from Google Chrome  through external tools that complement the application in general.

Delete Google browsing history

Although it is recommended to erase your browsing history from time to time, this is not the only necessary method to secure your personal information , since Google stores all kinds of activity within its software. To delete all types of data in a more detailed way, you must visit the My Activity site on Google to consult and delete the browsing data.

Within this platform you will have options available to delete the browsing data by application or by dates , in addition to being able to filter it for each device that is synchronized with the account.

Next, click on the option of the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand screen to open the drop-down menu of options. Now select the “Delete activity by” section and here you will have at your disposal the options to erase the history of the last hour, last day, forever or by personalized period.

It is also important to note that within the options of My Activity in Google is available the tool to automatically delete the browsing history of the account from time to time, according to the configuration parameters you choose.

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