How to get the Iris Amulet in Pokémon Sword

Players continue to enjoy Pokémon Sword and Shield that has welcomed the eighth generation of pocket monsters. A few days ago we showed you the exact location of the fossils to get prehistoric Pokémon with the combination of these special objects. But there is still more and today we focus on an item that was introduced in the fifth generation: the Iris Amulet .

Thanks to this object, the player can increase the probability of finding a shiny Pokémon . These creatures appear on rare occasions, so it is important to have it in your bag because it multiplies the possibilities by 3. If you have come this far you may be interested in finding the amulet, so below we are going to explain where you can get it.

How to get the Iris Amulet

It is more difficult than it looks. Mainly because you have to complete the Pokédex of the game . This means that you will have to capture all the Pokémon available in the game to register their data in the virtual Pokédex, but it does not include the new giant forms introduced in Sword and Shield. When you complete it, you have to go to Circhester, where the ice / rock gym is located. In the town square you will have to enter the hotel located on the left.

Take the elevator and go to the last room that you will find in the corridor on the left. There will be waiting for you a doctor in his blue uniform and gloves . Surely you have already realized that it is the same character who gave you the Capture Amulet, but if you did not do it before it will be the first thing you receive when you talk to him. When you show him your complete Pokédex, he will give you the Iris Amulet so you can continue your adventure in search of the shiny Pokémon. Go through all the locations in the game to locate those special Pokémon that everyone wants to have .

What is the Iris Amulet for

As we explained at the beginning of this text, the Iris Amulet considerably increases the chances of getting a shiny Pokémon both in the wild and when hatching eggs. That is, the player who keeps this object in his bag will have a chance in 1,365.3 , improving by 0.050 percent, as happened in previous deliveries.

The percentage is still too low, but the Iris Amulet is an important help especially in conjunction with the Masuda Method . That is, the resulting Pokémon is more likely to be shiny if you breed two creatures of the same type, but different languages. According to this technique very widespread among fans, the chances of getting a shiny is multiplied by 5 .


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