Pokémon Unite: How to equip items to your Pokémon

If you are a fan of Pokémon, you will surely be aware of the upcoming release of the game in its mobile version Pokémon Unite . The game is already available for Nintendo Switch since last July and the mobile version will be released in September.

The main feature of this version of Pokémon is that it will be a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style game , which will make the gaming experience much more exciting because you can form teams of 5 players to face an opposing team. through your skills as a Pokémon trainer.

If you have had the opportunity to play the new version of this game on Nintendo Switch or any of the previous versions of Pokémon , you will know the huge difference between playing with items and objects to improve your Pokémon creatures and playing without them. When you use these items, your chances of better performance increase exponentially.

In this new guide we will teach you how to improve your Pokemon, what are the best objects and what are their effects and so you can ensure many victories in your online games with your friends.

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  1. What are all the equipment items in Pokemon Unite and how to use them?
    1. Rocky Helmet (Serrated Helmet)
    2. Assault Vest
    3. EXP Share
    4. Score Shield
    5. Buddy barrier
    6. Aeos Cookie
    7. Leftovers (Leftovers)
    8. Focus Band
    9. Float Stone
    10. Attack Weight
    11. Muscle Band
    12. Scope Lens
    13. Special Atk Specs
    14. Shell Bell
    15. Wise Glasses
    16. Energy Amplifier
  2. How to upgrade equibals or Held items?

What are all the equipment items in Pokemon Unite and how to use them?

We must mention that the equippable objects or Held Items must be acquired in the game store and level them up to be able to take full advantage of the benefits that they can give to our Pokémon creature. Later we will teach you how to level them up.

Rocky Helmet (Serrated Helmet)

The Pokémon that have this item equipped will have the ability to transfer between 3% and 5% of the damage they receive to an enemy of the opposing team in relation to their maximum life, this object is in the offensive classification, it also provides 240 of hit points and +45 defense points.

Assault Vest

If you acquire this item and equip it to your Pokémon, it will give it a shield against special attacks it can receive between 9% and 15% of its total number of health points. If you are playing with a tank Pokémon, this item is ideal for you. Additionally, it will grant you 270 life points and +42 special defense points.

EXP Share

The Pokémon that is equipped with this item will receive experience (2/3/4) only if this Pokémon is the one with the least experience of its allied team. To assign the amount of experience, the experience of the team of your team that has a higher level of this will be taken into account. This item is used a lot for the jungle or support roles, in addition it will also grant its wearer +240 health points and +150 speed points.

Score Shield

This is an item that will protect its wearer by giving him 5%, 7.5% or 10% additional defense , as he tries to score a goal. In addition, it grants 240 points of life.

Buddy barrier

When your Pokémon is equipped with this item, it provides a 20%, 30%, or 40 shield to the closest friendly Pokémon with the lowest health, if that Pokémon uses an Ultimate Ability. In addition, it is an object very used by tanks, since it provides +600 points of life.

Aeos Cookie

This item has the ability to give its carrier Pokémon a maximum life increase in a range of 100, 150 or 200 points each time it scores a goal, this up to a maximum of 6 chances. This item is ideal for the player with a support or jungle role because it considerably increases the ability to withstand enemy attacks. Additionally, it grants +240 hit points.

Leftovers (Leftovers)

The Pokémon that is equipped with this item will be able to gradually recover Health by 1%, 1.5%, and up to 2% while not in combat. If you are going to play with a tank, this item cannot be missing from your inventory, it will also grant +240 health points and +9 health points regeneration.

Focus Band

If your Pokémon is equipped with this item and is about to die or its HP is at 8%, 11%, or 14%, this raid will gradually recover its HP over 3 seconds. This object is highly recommended for the support role, as it additionally grants its wearer +30 defense points and +30 special defense points.

Float Stone

This item is used to increase the movement speed of the Pokémon that is equipped with it by 10%, 15% or 20% at random. It is ideal to improve the DPS (Damage Per Second or Damage per second) and improves the abilities of the jungle role because it also gives the Pokémon +24 attack points and +120 speed points.

Attack Weight

With this item, the bearer will have the ability to increase his attack power by 6, 9 or 12 points, after making a successful score, all this up to 6 scores. This item greatly improves Damage Per Second (DPS) and additionally grants the wearer +18 Attack Points.

Muscle Band

The function of this object is to increase the basic attack damage to the Pokémon that is equipped with it , this increase will be 15, 2% or 3% with respect to the amount of remaining points of the opponent’s life. This item is widely used to improve the damage per second (DPS) of basic attacks because it also grants +15 attack points and + 7.5% attack speed.

Scope Lens

This item is used to increase the critical damage of the carrying Pokémon , so its basic attack DPS will increase significantly. Additionally, it grants + 6% chance to deal critical damage and 12% critical damage, if you combine it with an object that improves attack speed you will be unstoppable.

Special Atk Specs

If you are going to use Pikachu in your encounter against the enemy, this item cannot be missing from your inventory. What this item will achieve is to increase the special attack of its wearer by 8, 12 or 16 points up to a maximum of 6 annotations. This item is perfect for increasing damage per second and also adds +24 special attack points.

Shell Bell

With this object, your Pokémon will be able to recover between 45, 60 or 75 points of life each time you attack your enemy with a special ability. Additionally, the more attack speed your Pokémon has, the more life it will recover. This item greatly improves the damage per second of the special attacks that your creature exerts. On the other hand, it also adds +24 Special Attack Points and + 4.5% cooldown reduction.

Wise Glasses

The only and sufficient objective of this item is to increase the wearer’s special attack by 3%, 5% and up to 7% during their combat. It also grants +39 Special Attack Points.

Energy Amplifier

This item will increase its wearer’s damage by 7%, 14%, or 21% for a short time, but only after using an ultimate ability. On the other hand, it also grants + 6% Aeos power generation (this power is required for the ultimate charge) in addition to a + 4.5% cooldown reduction.

How to upgrade equibals or Held items?

To make any improvement to the equipments objects it will be necessary to have Aeos coins , these coins can be obtained as we play games. When you have enough quantity then you must open the store menu and enter the items tab, you must go down until you see the option ” Item Enhancer “.

Each unit of these has a value of 50 coins , as in the old version of Pokémon Go , the ideal thing will be that you acquire as many as you can so that you raise all the objects you have to level 20.

When you have acquired several Item Enhancer you must go to the menu of objects, select the one you want to improve and press the ” Improve ” button , the number of times that the battery reserve allows it. In this way you will be improving that object , the maximum level to which you can improve each one of them is up to level 20, try to make these improvements as soon as possible, since you will notice very clearly the benefits of having your objects at level 20 during your Pokémon Unite games .

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