Pokémon GO: How to Take a Snapshot of Psycho-Pokémon Outdoors

To solve the current special investigation “Misunderstood Pranks” in Pokémon GO, you must take snapshots of wild psycho monsters. At DLPrivateServer we have seen how it works and we will show you.

What type of task is it? The new season began in Pokémon GO on September 1, 2021. There is also a special investigation into this called “misunderstood jokes.” This special research involves a task in which you must take three snapshots of wild Psycho-Pokémon.

But how do you have to take these snapshots to get scored and which monsters are eligible? We will show you.

Wild Pokémon Snapshot: Here’s How It Works

To take a photo of a Pokémon in the wild, you must enter capture mode. There you can see a camera at the top of the image. You click on this symbol and a photo view opens, as you can see in the following image.

wild rhyorn in capture mask (left) and photo view (center and right)

Here you have the opportunity to take snapshots using the photo symbol at the bottom of the image. If you are satisfied with your image, you can confirm it with the mark at the bottom right; otherwise, you can delete it with the trash can symbol on the left.

In both cases, you return to the photo view and you can take more photos. If you’re done, just click the arrow at the bottom left of the image and you’ll be back in the capture mask. Then you have a chance to catch your Pokémon.

You don’t necessarily have to photograph desert monsters to solve the task. It is also possible to defeat a Pokémon in a raid and take a snapshot of it before catching it.

Attention : Solving the special investigation task “Misunderstood Jokes” is only possible in this way. So unfortunately taking pictures of a monster that has already been captured or your friend doesn’t work.

Tip: So that you don’t have to search for three different monsters first, we have another helpful tip for you. It is enough if you click on one of these required Psycho-Pokémon and take a photo three times in a row. Any number of images is possible through the photo view. If it worked, the task with the corresponding number of completed snapshots will be briefly displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

You need psychic Pokémon

But it is not just a snapshot of a wild monster, but also the right Pokémon. When completing the task, you should not take photos of any Pokémon, but rather they must be psycho-type monsters. The following Pokémon of this type are appearing more frequently in the wild:

  • Phlegmon
  • Mollimorba (in the city)

Psycho-type Pokémon, such as Fleknoil in Tier 1 Raids, are also currently available in Raids. So look for suitable monsters of this type and photograph them as described above. So solving the special investigation shouldn’t be a problem for you.

By the way: You can also tell if the respective Pokémon is of the Psycho type when you open the capture mask. There, the respective type is shown for a short time on the monster. So if you see a red circle with a white ring there, then it is a Psycho-Pokémon.

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Which Pokémon did you photograph to solve the task? And how does the special investigation find “misunderstood jokes” about Hoopa? Write us your opinion in the comments here on DLPrivateServer.

Plus, there are plenty of glitters and bonuses waiting for you during prank season. We take a look at them and show you what monsters and special features you can expect in the coming weeks.


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