How to report players who cheat in Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile came to iOS and Android through the big door, getting 3 million downloads in a single day . This may not surprise anyone. Practically whenever a new title comes out of the franchise it is a success. In addition, if we add that this time it is a mobile game, and the market for smartphone games does not stop rising like foam, then we can say little more about it.

The problem with games that are exclusively focused on the online mode, and more so if they are competitive, are usually the cheats. Entering a game and encountering one or more cheating players can ruin the experience . Luckily, Call of Duty: Mobile offers the ability to report not only cheaters, but also all those who insult and are inactive. Next, we will explain how you can report these players.

How to report other players in Call of Duty: Mobile

To report other players you just have to wait for the game to end. Next, you will see that an exclamation icon appears in the upper right corner of the screen . You just have to touch said icon. You can see that a window appears with the players of both teams. Well, touch on the name of the player you want to report and a menu will appear where you can report insults, inactivity and cheating.

If you want to better explain why you report to the player, you have the possibility of writing a more detailed description of what happened , so the developers can take the measures they deem appropriate.


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