How to get gum out of clothes, shoes and rugs

One of the most annoying situations that can happen to all of us is to get home and find a stick of gum stuck to our clothes or shoes. Sometimes, chewing gum appears on the carpet, as children can naively drop it or stick it.

This can become a big problem, because chewing gum has been stuck for a long time and is difficult to remove.

Know that with simple steps, you can remove them without much problem, and we will show you infallible tactics to facilitate the process.

Ways for you to remove gum

Liquid soap: Cover the area where the gum is stuck with liquid soap, be it a T-shirt, shoe or rug; with a toothbrush, rub the gum with the soap; use a plastic or wooden spatula to slowly remove the gum; in the case of shirts, wash them after the process, to remove the residues that remain in the fabric.

Ice: Put ice in a plastic bag and apply it to the gum; wait at least 30 minutes. Touch the gum with a spatula to check that it is hard and, with the help of a spatula, gently remove it from the sides until it comes off completely.

Freezing: In the case of clothes, put them in a plastic bag and be careful that the bag does not touch the gum; wait for about two hours. Use a blunt, cordless knife to avoid damaging the fabric and to remove the frozen gum as quickly as possible before it thaws. This method unfortunately does not work for carpets, unless you have a large freezer at home.

Hot water: Dip in the hot water the part of the fabric that the gum is stuck to, leave for about 10 minutes. The gum softens due to the steam, gradually removes it with a toothbrush and repeat the procedure, until it comes out completely; If the remnants remain after removal, wash the laundry after the process.

Lemon juice: Put your clothes or shoes in a bucket of water and a little lemon juice. Use the spatula to scrape the gum and then wash the clothes normally if you still have gum remnants.

These tips are incredible and will ease this problem that haunts us all. If you’ve never had gum stuck to your clothes or shoes, you’re a lucky person. Now, you are ready and with these tips, you will have no problems.


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