How to get free all the clothes, dollars and rewards of the LS Car Meet

Once again GTA Online returns to the fray with a good handful of items that you can get for free and in a very simple way. Among them you will find clothing for your characters and components for your vehicles, so pay close attention to the following guide in which we explain step by step how to get all these gifts.


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How to get free all the clothes, dollars and rewards of the LS Car Meet

Thanks to the recent Los Santos Tuners update you can go to the LS Car Meet warehouse, a stop that will be mandatory, because if you visit this place between July 29 and August 4, you will receive the LS Customs jacket in exchange without having to do anything else. in return, so it is worth a trip there.

In addition, all members who log in during these dates will also get a free Fukaru racing deck that can be fitted to the Vapid Dominator ASP. Of course, the car in question is not currently available, but it will be enabled on August 5, so it will be a splendid way to release it.

On the other hand, in LS Car Meet you will see a blackboard located next to your workshop’s office. It will contain a daily vehicle list that you must complete, as this will help you get the Street Crimes t-shirt color bands .

As if that wasn’t enough, upgrading your reputation and reaching level 20 here will reward you with $ 250,000 as long as you do so before August 17. Of course, before all that, you will have to help KDJ and Sessanta to finalize any end of contract before August 5 so that in return they will thank you for your help with $ 200,000 and the white Born x Raised t-shirt .

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