How can I sell more clothes and products on Vinted?

Using the Vinted platform to sell new or second-hand items is a good option to generate extra money; However, if your Vinted profile is not attractive and does not have much information that generates interest, it will not attract users, as a consequence your articles will not sell easily.

If you have a profile in Vinted you will surely wonder how I can sell more clothes and products in Vinted , in this post we will teach you some tricks that will help you make more sales . If you take these tips into account, you will make your profile popular and stand out from other accounts.

How I Can Sell More Clothes and Products on Vinted – Tips to Make More Sales

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  1. How can I sell more clothes and products on Vinted?
  2. Other tricks that will help you increase your sales:

How can I sell more clothes and products on Vinted?

The sale of second-hand products online has become very popular thanks to Wallapop and Vinted. But if you want to be successful selling your products on Vinted, you must create an account that captures attention, because this is not only based on publishing products, you must be attentive to the details and interests of buyers to attract them to your products. Follow the following tips to increase your sales:

·             Mount quality photos:

Images are worth more than many words, so your product photos should not be of poor quality because buyers will overlook your wall if they notice that the photos are terrible. It is important that the photos meet the following requirements:

  1. Capture product photos in a well-lit location.
  2. The camera must have good resolution.
  3. Never take the photo by placing the product on the floor or on the bed, rather use a white backgroundor a model to show the garment.
  4. Take photos from all article angles (front, back and profile).

·             Pay attention to your profile:

The impression and appearance of the seller is important to attract buyers, so you should post a professional profile photo along with a friendly and detailed description of yourself. Be courteous and respectful when answering questions from potential buyers, never leave questions unanswered or take a long time to answer.

·             Connect often:

You must stay active in the application by frequently uploading products, making weekly offers and answering the questions of your potential customers; Checking your profile daily will help you gain popularity within Vinted.

·             Make detailed descriptions:

It is important to make detailed descriptions of the product but without telling lies . If the piece has a defect, is used or new, you must mention it; You must also write what is the size, color, material and brand of the garment, you can even add extra information about the garment, such as the period or what uses it can be given.

Vinted products can also be sold in France, so write the description in French and Spanish. It is vital that you use tags and hashtags (#offer, #dress, #fashion, #used) in the description to position yourself in the search engine. Show security and reliability with what you write.

·             Write short titles but with keywords:

Write short titles that contain words that define the garment, paying attention to this detail will allow you to position yourself within Vinted, it will define the ad and it will be easier for users to find your products .

Other tricks that will help you increase your sales:

  • Use social networks such as Pinterest (it is very easy to create an account and upload photos on Pinterest ), Facebook or Instagram to promote what you are selling on Vinted.
  • Never sell damaged products.
  • Offer discountsto your regular customers for an upcoming purchase.
  • Always be nice to buyers.
  • Leave a positive feedback to your buyers.
  • Don’t go overboard with the priceof used products.
  • Never post photos of items prohibited by Vinted.
  • Follow other Vinted accounts to get followers.
  • Promote products that are useful for the time.
  • Lower the price of products that are difficult to sell.
  • The packaging of your products will also speak well of you, so pack the item carefully and avoid bad smells and stains, this will help you gain good opinions from your buyers.

Selling second-hand products in the Vinted app allows you to generate extra money; But you can also use the Wallapop platform at the same time so that your products reach a greater number of people.


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