How to keep your bathroom always clean and smelling

The feeling of entering a fragrant bathroom is the goal of everyone in their homes, because together with the kitchen, bathrooms need greater attention in relation to hygiene and cleanliness.

We do not even need to say what happens with bathrooms that are not optimally cleaned, the bad odor will proliferate, along with the amount of accumulated bacteria, which will be huge.

But do not think right away that this is an impossible mission, as it can be much easier than you think, just follow our tips.

Wash once a week and exclusive cloths

Do not mix the washcloths in the bathroom with the ones you use for household cleaning, preferably, leave them spread out during the day, so that they do not accumulate moisture and consequently mold. This leaves your cloths infested with bacteria and that scent of badly dry fabric.

It is also important that you take time to wash the bathroom at least once a week. Give preference to the use of hot water, which is more efficient in eliminating thicker dirt, bacteria and residues that are greasy. To save money, you can use water from a recent shower.

Many people are confused by the use of disinfectants and multipurpose cleaners, which can be used to clean floors, walls and tiles. The big difference is that the disinfectant acts on the cause of the problem, eliminating bacteria, due to the disinfectant power that the multipurpose cleaner does not have.

Therefore, disinfectant is a better option to perform this cleaning. Because it does not mask the problem, it kills the bacteria that are really responsible for the bad odor. Multipurpose cleaners are useful but do not provide complete disinfection of your bathroom.

The ammonia cleaners are also an excellent option for cleaning the box, they provide a deep and degreasing cleaning, bringing a “new” aspect to your box.

To clean the toilet, apply bleach or cleaners with active chlorine inside the toilet, let it act for five minutes, clean the porcelain with a brush and then flush.

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Bathroom hygienically and visually clean

The more things you have in your bathroom, the more furniture and objects to collect dirt. The tip is that you only have what you need in your bathroom, leaving only the furniture, the toilet, a garbage disposal and a basket for clothes.

The basket is a great option for the mess of the bathroom, as all dirty laundry is stored in it before being washed. If your bathroom has magazines and newspapers, organize a corner just for them.

And to make it smell?

To leave your bathroom with that cleansing smell, a good tip is to use a scented multipurpose cleaner after disinfection, leaving your bathroom with a pleasant aroma.

Another good tip is the aromatizers, which are found in spray, where you can activate them manually or automatically (in the case of the most modern). In addition to them, we find the classics in liquid form, which can be mixed in the water that will be used for cleaning.

Sanitary stones are also strong allies to remove the bad odor of toilets. Aromatic candles and incense are also great choices for keeping the bathroom smelling nice.

Stay tuned with the recycle bin

Change the garbage in the trash at least once every two days, this will prevent a large amount of paper from accumulating, helping in the organization and also contributing to a better bathroom odor.


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