How to get gold in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)?

We show you the best way to get gold in TFT so you can buy characters, level up and update the Store.The economy of a Master Tactics game is based on gold, the currency used both to buy new Champions and to level up and upgrade the Character Shop.

Ways to earn gold in Teamfight Tactics.

  • Automatically at the beginning of each roundwe get 5 gold and 1 for victory.
  • In interest format the beginning of each round, depending on how many gold generators you have.
  • As a reward at the beginning of each roundif you are on a winning or losing streak.
  • Immediately after winning a PvP round(showdown with other players).
  • Selling championsyou don’t need.

As for gold generators, there are several types. Gathering three champions of Pirate origin onto the battlefield will award additional gold at the end of each round .

Also, for every ten gold coins saved, one more will be awarded at the beginning of the round. That is, if you manage to save 50 coins , at the beginning of the turn you will get five additional coins ; likewise, if 60 coins are saved, no more than five will be obtained.

Win-loss streaks also come into play here . If several games are won or lost in a row, the gold received at the beginning of the round will increase , up to a maximum of three gold. These streaks work as follows:


Win Streak Gold Bonus

  • Win Streak 2-4 –Grants 1 Gold
  • Win Streak 5-7 –Grants 2 Gold
  • Win Streak Over 8 –Grants 3 Gold

Gold bonus for losing streak

  • Losing Streak 3-4 –Grants 1 Gold
  • Losing Streak 5-6 –Grants 2 Gold
  • Losing Streak Over 7 –Grants 3 Gold

The player’s level also influences how much gold is awarded at the beginning of the round. The higher the level, the more gold.

The reason for the latter is that, as you level up, more rare and therefore more expensive champions appear in the store. Also keep in mind that gold can sometimes be lost when selling to characters who have leveled up . For example, a character of common rarity raised to the level of two stars can be sold for three gold, so there is no loss there. However, a Varus, which costs two gold at the one-star level, sells for four at the two-star level, causing us to lose two gold units.

To all this we must add the chests . Sometimes, when defeating an opponent, a chest of gold will appear. Players must take their Mini Legend to said chest to collect it.


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