How to play Teamfight Tactics

Download Teamfight Tactics , also known by its acronym ‘TFT’, is an auto battle strategy video game developed by Riot Games with low latency. This can be downloaded and played on your PC or mobile. Next, we will explain how to play it.

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  1. Most important concepts I should know about Teamfight Tactics
    1. rounds with enemies
    2. The powerful team builds
    3. Combinations and their uses
  2. What game tactics can I use in Teamfight Tactics?
  3. Basic and advanced compositions that I must know to play Teamfight Tactics
  4. How can I use game rounds in Teamfight Tactics?

Most important concepts I should know about Teamfight Tactics

Before you start with TFT, you need to know some very important basic concepts . In this case, it is about the following aspects:

rounds with enemies

The game matches you with 7 or 9 other players or against the AI . There, you must select one of the character options to choose from at the start and buy at least one other champion from the store. There are special rounds where you have to train against monsters to gain gold and experience. In these of the PvP type, the user is randomly grouped with another of the group that has touched him.

With your champions you must fight against the other opponents with whom you will be matched, each player starts the game with 100% life .

Also, with turns lost reducing it, the loser is awarded based on the number of enemy champions that haven’t died. When playing Teamfight Tactics on mobile , the goal of it is to stay alive until the end , whoever is the last player with energy wins.

The powerful team builds

The items you place on your champions are important when it comes to battle . There are some of these that don’t work with certain characters. One example is that you can’t put magic items on a hero that deals physical damage.

Therefore you must research and know the attributes of the champions and what kind of powers they use. Also, know what kind of abilities increase the items you are going to use. This way you will know how to combine them in order to have a good team.

It also seeks to create general aid items that are used in many championships. Guardian Angel and Ionic Spark are very useful for most, and getting them early will help you a lot.

Combinations and their uses

These are crucial when creating a team. This is because you must make sure that it has synergy . Now, we’ll talk about item combinations and how they’re used. To form more powerful ones, the basic ones are needed. These are obtained in chests or in the carousels.

Items are combined by dragging one onto a champion , when the champion already has one, it mixes with the new one. These in turn are used according to the needs of your team and serve to increase characteristics of each of your characters.

What game tactics can I use in Teamfight Tactics?

Try to prioritize 2-star champions early in the game: Having powerful characters is important, but focusing on only getting ‘the best champions on the battlefield’ tends to backfire. To avoid ending up losing gold and level by looking for the high rank ones, better focus on improving the ones you have at the beginning. To raise your heroes you must get pairs of these.

Combine items that help your champions: Generally, it’s best not to have too many unused and uncombined items. It’s common to make the mistake of hoping to match perfect items that you may never find or take forever to create.

You get power that increases when making an item and also thanks to this you minimize the damage if you lose a round This does not mean that you have to join all the objects at the beginning, but if you can evaluate the ones that could be useful in the future.

Level up to get win streaks : Health is very important, conserving it is the best way to achieve a stage increase. When you own items and have 2-star champions, you ensure you have more power and at least minimize the damage you take on lost rounds. A common mistake is not taking advantage of win streaks to level up.

Don’t be afraid to use the gold or upgrade the shop to keep up your winning streak. In the long run, this will help you have more life and be able to preserve it.

Check your opponents frequently for information : TFT gives you almost all the data about your enemy, use this to your advantage. Therefore, look at their compositions, their champions, items, positioning, and synergies.

Always look for several champions when updating the store : Do not update the same so much with the intention of obtaining only one and in this way go up, instead, have several optional ones to buy. This is because you can lose gold looking for one that does not come out in the store, and it will affect your progress.

The Middle Game prioritizes your economy, do not acquire adornment characters:  From level 6 you buy champions that you are going to use, it is useless to have only one powerful one and that it is on the bench all the time without use. It is preferable that in the middle game, you focus on those that will strengthen you in the short term.

Only buy high-tier powerups if you’re going to use them in the game, if not, pass it up. Otherwise you will lose gold and space, which is essential to level up your champions and improve your team.

Basic and advanced compositions that I must know to play Teamfight Tactics

First of all, it is important that you check the TFT patch on the official League of Legends page from time to time . This is because Riot Games changes the participating champions each season. There are different types of compositions when forming your team, here is a list of the basic ones that will help you.

Mutant Composition: Their effects change each game. Different void champions are used in battles and it provides a lot of flexibility for our game. The passives it provides are:

  • Cybernetic Upgrade: Increases equipment statswhile they have components and items on them.
  • Ravenous Appetite: Gives a party buff every time an enemy is destroyed.
  • Voider: Deals true damage and executes enemies below a specified percentage of health.
  • Synaptic Network: Mutants reduce the mana cost to cast their ultimates.
  • Metamorphosis: Increases the range of champions.

Attacking Scavengers Composition: In this the characters are used to hold the objects without improving . This until they have enough level and thus obtain an epic attacker.

Executing this strategy requires playing a standard game with attack speed and immunity to C C. In this way, our attackers will execute hit effects to the entire opposing team, winning the game thanks to physical damage.

Enchanting Composition: This is created by a group of wizards . This is due to the heals and shields they possess. Provides resistance to spells and increases their damage.

Innovative Composition: The champions join in this phase, in order to create a mechanical helper . The more characters of this form you have in the team, the better you can improve it and get even more complex machines.

The 3 possible machines are the beetle, bear and dragon, each of these has more damage than the previous one and more powerful spells. However, there are not enough champions of this theme in the game. That is why the emblems that give the prizes or the carousel are used.

Still, in the current set it is possible to draw the Soul of Innovation , which allows us to give this class to two champions. This will give us the option to get the most powerful machine or discard two heroes with cost 1 for more useful ones for the team. We already saw the basic compositions. We will now explain the more complex ones.

Scrap Composition: This allows incomplete item components to be used during a round and augments them. The number of these team upgrades will depend on how many Junk Heroes you have.

They have a starting shield, this makes them a great option in the early game . Which allows us to build advantage by executing a transition and sustaining a good economy until level nine and buying the legendary ‘Scrap’.

Re-Roll Composition:  This strategy is all about building a very cheap team early game. Spending all the gold to get level 3 champions before the opponent.

Technochemists, Syndicates, and Challengers tend to be used for this team , as they are the cheapest. However, if you don’t get a big lead and switch compositions, it can cause problems and drop off in the late game.

There is also the ‘Slow Re-Role’. In this case, champions are acquired by improving them to level 2 and 3. Starting when we are in phase 7, using the excess gold after reaching 50 coins.

Debonair or Galantes Composition: The high amount of health these heroes possess is used to survive while the VIP champion eliminates the enemy group. Protecting the VIP is of great importance as it accounts for 99% of the team’s damage.

However, the promoted character is randomly selected in the store. Therefore we can get to have a VIP Lioness. These cases end up changing the course of the team , so two other gallants must be bought and passives accumulated with bodyguards.

When having the defense, the tanks are armed with a coat of thorns and a layer of Solar Fire . In this way, the game will be won using percentage damage to the opponent’s life and attacks.

Yordle Composition: This reduces the cast time of abilities by 30%. Also, near the end of the game, there is a chance to summon the Lord, who has one of the most powerful ultimates in the game. His power deals damage to the entire enemy team with a magical rain that cannot be avoided.

How can I use game rounds in Teamfight Tactics?

Make sure the turns are in your favor , in TFT you will be facing not only other people’s teams. There are rounds where you have to compete with enemies of various classes; Beating these adversaries can help you collect gold and items.

The level of them increases as the rounds progress and the stronger the opponent, the more chances you have to win better prizes. Just like when we fight against other players, if we lose in these rounds, our mini legend will receive damage depending on the number of enemies left alive in them.

There are several rounds in TFT, these are divided into: PvP, which are against other players : PvP rounds start from 5, and from then on there are two PvP between each PvE and carousel.

PvE, which are against the computer : At the beginning of this there are three PvE phases in a row; and from the third, these fights against various enemies occur every six.

The shared draft rounds, also called carousel, in which you select a champion from the random optional ones. These are shown every six turns, there are seven in total, appearing on rounds: 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31 and 37.


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