Teamfight Tactics (TFT): All enemies and rounds of the game

We show you how the Teamfight Tactics rounds work and which enemies you will face in each one of them. Being prepared is half the victory.In Teamfight Tactics the players do not face only other people’s teams, but in some rounds there are phases in which they have to fight against different enemies , each of them with their own abilities and, therefore, with different strategies to fight them.


  1. Order of rounds
  2. How to face the wolves, the golem and the dragons

Killing enemies has a reward, although it is not always guaranteed. Randomly, when defeating them, one or more objects can fall. The stronger the opponents, the more likely there will be a prize. The Dragon and the Elder Dragon can reward an advanced item (those resulting from mixing two basic items).


As with the rounds in which we fight players, if we lose the confrontation, our Mini-Legend will take damage depending on how many enemies we have left alive in the arena.

Order of rounds

The rounds of a Master Tactics match mix PvP matches (against players), PvE matches (against machine-controlled enemies), and rounds of shared recruitment or carousel (in which players can recruit a new champion). They are as follows:

  • 1:Carousel
  • 2:2 melee minions
  • 3:2 melee minions and 1 sorcerer minion
  • 4:2 melee minions and 2 sorcerer minions
  • 5:PvP Round
  • 6:PvP Round
  • 7:Carousel
  • 8:PvP Round
  • 9:PvP Round
  • 10:3 Rocky
  • 11:PvP Round
  • 12:PvP Round
  • 13:Carousel
  • 14:PvP Round
  • 15:PvP Round
  • 16:1 Dark Major and 4 Dark
  • 17:PvP Round
  • 18:PvP Round
  • 19:Carousel
  • 20:PvP Round
  • 21:PvP Round
  • 22:1 Crimson Pick and 4 Pick Pick
  • 23:PvP Round
  • 24:PvP Round
  • 25:Carousel
  • 26:PvP Round
  • 27:PvP Round
  • 28:Dragon
  • 29:PvP Round
  • 30:PvP Round
  • 31:Carousel
  • 32:PvP Round
  • 33:PvP Round
  • 34:Herald
  • 35:PvP Round
  • 36:PvP Round
  • 37:Carousel
  • 38:PvP Round
  • 39:PvP Round
  • 40:Ancestral Dragon

How to face wolves, golem and dragons

Each of the different enemies of TFT has its own combat mechanics, and therefore you have to follow different strategies and arrange the champions in different ways on the arena to face them.

In the first three phases , against the melee minions and sorcerers, there is nothing to worry about : they are simple confrontations where the difficult thing is that our champions die.

The golems or rocky phase has a little more chicha. Two appear on the left side and one on the right side. You have to try to defeat them all at the same time , because when one of them dies, the others completely restore their life.

The wolves or gloomy ones are a complicated confrontation for the teams of assassins . A grim major and four standard wolves appear on the right side of the arena. They all activate stealth momentarily at the start of combat, so our assassins won’t jump at them. On the contrary, it will be the wolves who get behind our team.

As with the golems, when facing the pickaxe or dagarracos you have to try to defeat them simultaneously . A crimson pickaxe and four normals appear. When one of the normals dies, the others turn into crimson knife picks and gain more attack speed.

The dragon does much more damage than the previous minions. To this must be added that the Ancestral Dragon is immune to magic damage , which can destroy the compositions of wizards and elementalists.

As for the Herald, it is advisable to place the tanks at the back of the composition , since it will charge against the rear line before starting the combat.


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