How to fix “Unexpected Store error” in Windows 10

How to fix “Unexpected Store error” in Windows 10

The “Unexpected Store error” occurs recently in Windows operating system 10. Often the causes of the problem are damaged system files, memory or hard disk partitions, software arguments, incorrectly installed drivers . To fix this error, you can use the system tools.

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  • 1 How to fix “Unexpected Store error” in Windows 10
    • 1 Method 1: System Analysis
    • 2 Method 2: Checking the hard drive
    • 3 Method 3: Reinstall the drivers
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How to fix “Unexpected Store error” in Windows 10

First, try to clean up the system of unnecessary garbage. This can be done with built-in tools or with the help of special tools. It is also a good idea to remove recently installed programs. They may be the cause of a software conflict. Antivirus can also cause problems, so it is also advisable to remove it, but uninstall it completely, so that new problems do not appear on the system.

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Method 1: System Analysis

With the help of. “Command line”. You can check the stability of important system files and restore them.

  1. pulse Get + Sand type in the “Cmd” search box .
  2. Right-click on “Promfin Prompt”. and select “Act as a moderator”. .
  3. Now write

sfc /scannow

and run it with the button I go .

  1. Wait for the verification process to complete.

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Method 2: Checking the hard drive

The stability of the hard drive can also be checked by the “Command Line”. .

  1. Performing “Sign of the program”. including managerial interests.
  2. Copy and paste the following command:

chkdsk с: /f/r/x

  1. Do the check.

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Method 3: Reinstall the drivers

The program may update drivers automatically, but they may not be updated or installed regularly. In this case, it is necessary to re-install or update them. But first, you need to update automatically. This can be done in all versions of Windows 10 except Home.

  1. Get Win + R. and writing


Click on “Accept”. .

  1. Go to the “Administrative Templates” path. – “Eto”. – “Installing the device”. – “Restrictions on installation”
  2. Open “Forbidden installation of undefined devices …”.
  3. Select “On”. and use the programs.
  4. Now you can re-install or update the drivers. This can be done manually or with special tools and programs.

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If none of these options help, then try Restore Point. Also, check the operating system for malware using the appropriate tools. In a big case, you need to reinstall Windows 10. See professional help if you can’t or are not sure how to fix it yourself.

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