FIX: Please wait while Windows configures Windows Live Mail

While I love using Windows Live Mail on my Windows 7, updating has never been a pleasure for me.I stopped updating Windows Live Mail 2011 to the latest version a long time ago, for the simple reason that whenever I did it and rebooted, I couldn’t reply or send a new email and got an error – unable to initialize canvas. I still haven’t found a solution to this error!

I tried to update WLM many times, got the same error and then returned “System Restore” to get an earlier version. This time, I decided to dare the upgrade process once again by updating Windows Live Mail Version 2011 to Build 15.4.3555.0308 a few days ago.

I faced the same problem again when I rebooted my computer, launched Windows Live Mail and tried to send a new email!

Failed to initialize canvas

So I decided to repair the WLM. This does not work. A fresh install seemed like the only option. I exported my mail and settings, uninstalled WLM, reinstalled WLM and imported back my mail and settings. Now I can send new letters!

Everything looked great – until I rebooted and received the message:

Please wait while Windows configures Windows Live Mail

Now, every time I rebooted my Windows, I got this message – and it was pretty annoying to wait one or two minutes.

So I looked around the internet and found that there was no confirmed and working help anywhere for this particular problem, although it appears to be a common problem. Then I came across a bit of information that pointed me in that direction. The problem turned out to be in the permissions for the following registry key:


So I logged out of Windows Live Mail, opened the Windows registry and went to that key. I tried to open it and change its permissions. But I could not and received the following messages:

I was unable to save changes.

So I downloaded our free RegOwnIt freeware program , which makes it easy and quick to get ownership and control of registry keys.

I pasted in the path to the registry key and clicked Apply. New ownership has been established.

Now you should make sure the permissions for the WLMail.Url.Mailto key are :

Right click it> Permissions> Set them this way> Click Apply / OK – and you will also see some new settings appear in the registry.

That’s all!

Now I have launched my Windows Live Messenger – and v iola – no more Please wait … ! The problem was solved!

I hope this simple solution to a rather annoying problem that worked for me will help you too. If you need help, you can always visit us on our Windows Help Forum.


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