How to fix c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error in Windows 10?

Since the new Windows update, the message “c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll” error has become common. These types of errors occur when a .DLL file is missing or cannot be opened on the system. The main cause of this particular error is the Logitech Download Assistant .

If you have already uninstalled it thinking that this would be solved, because unfortunately in most cases this is not enough to repair this failure in the system. However, all is not lost, below you will find different ways to fix this error in your .dll files.

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  1. What are dll files?
  2. Why does this error appear?
  3. Solutions for the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error

What are dll files?

Most likely, throughout your life you have heard about these files and how important they are to the Windows operating system. Without them all the functions you do, such as opening a program, would not be possible.

They are a series of files that are made up of codes, graphics and / or commands, as well as other parts of the apps. That is why it is necessary to have them, when some are missing or damaged, errors occur that confuse you, such as the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error.

Why does this error appear?

There are several ways to know why, among them it may be an application or program that is defective. It can also be due to an update or a virus , bad installation or simply that it has been deleted by accident.

There is also the possibility that there is a malicious agent inside the computer such as a virus that is bothering you or deleting files.

Solutions for the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error

How to fix this error? The truth, there are several solutions, you can try each of these until you find the one that fits your computer. It is best to delete all traces of the dll file and then do a new installation.

Solution one: disable LogiLDA from the start

The Logitech download wizard always starts automatically when the computer starts up, so it is necessary to stop it. You can configure your Windows task manager to optimize performance and to fix this error.

The first thing you should do is right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager . ” When you open it, only 2 running applications will appear, open with “More details”.

Finally, in the home tab you will see “LogiLDA”, right click on it and select “Disable” . With this you will have already deactivated the Logitech assistant.

Solution two: Uninstall the Logitech SetPoint software

If the above method didn’t work, this could be your solution. To uninstall the Logitech Set Point just press the key “Windows” + “R” this will open the run window, type in it “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter”.

You will be able to see a list with your programs, now locate Logitech SetPoint and right click on it, then just press “Uninstall” . When Windows asks you to confirm to uninstall it from your system, click on “Yes”. If you need more information, you can review other ways to easily uninstall programs from Windows 10 .

Finally, restart your PC and reinstall Logitech SetPoint . This should be enough to get rid of the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error.

Solution Three: Remove Traces from the Logitech Download Wizard

If the error persists after uninstalling the program, you must delete these traces from the registry. To do this, type “Run” in the “search taskbar” and when the result appears, press “Enter.”

Now type “Regedit” in the text box and click “Ok” . Now you must navigate the path of the Registry Editor of your PC, which is this: Computer> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINENSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun.

You will find a right panel where you will see the Logitech Download Wizard key. Right-click on it and press “Delete.”

Solution Four: Logitech Mouse Driver

Another solution for the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll error is to uninstall the device driver. To do it just follow these steps:

Right click on the start icon on the taskbar and select “Device Manager.” When the screen appears, you must locate “Mice and other pointing devices” and double click to expand the list. Locate the “Logitech HID” and right click on it to be able to select “Uninstall device.”


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