How to fix ‘Bsvc has stopped working’ error

Microsoft is one of the most used platforms in computers. Thanks to its variety of programs and operating system versions, it is very useful to have it. However, sometimes it happens that there are certain system errors that can be very annoying, such as ‘Bsvc has stopped working’.

In order to know what this system error is and also how to eliminate it effectively and lastingly , the topic will be discussed below. First, it will be explained what this error is and where exactly it comes from. Some of the ways in which this error can be eliminated effectively will be told later.

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  1. What is the BSvcProcessor?
  2. How to fix ‘Bsvc has stopped working’ error
    1. Disable the binoculars bar
    2. Checking startup processes
    3. Remove Bingsvc from the registry
    4. Uninstall Skype
    5. Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight

What is the BSvcProcessor?

The BSvcProcessor is a Bing browser program.  This browser comes with a Microsoft Bing Desktop software package and also Bing Bar. The thing is that since Bing tries to position itself as the default browser, this program could be unknowingly downloaded.

Although this program is added to Bing, on many occasions it can also be part of the Skype program . But, sometimes the process can turn harmful and hide as a virus or other malware, thus it can become a real nuisance and seriously affect the functioning of the computer.

Now, the good news is that, whether it’s a virus or simply a system failure, this program is not essential for the proper functioning of the operating system. For this reason, it can be removed without any problem. Here are all the ways you can fix the ‘Bsvc has stopped working’ error.

How to fix ‘Bsvc has stopped working’ error

This program is not even essential for the optimal functioning of the operating system, so it is not a bad thing to uninstall it. Here are 5 ways that can work to fix this annoying error easily.

Disable the binoculars bar

To apply this method you have to go to the Control Panel. Once there, click on ‘Programs’, and then on ‘Uninstall a program’. In the list you can see all the programs installed in Windows; just search for the binoculars toolbar, select it, and then click uninstall . Finally you have to restart the computer.

Checking startup processes

First you must press the Windows key + R, and in the dialog box that appears write ‘msconfig’ and press Enter. Then you must click on ‘Services’ and search in that window for any process that is related to Bing. When you find one , you have to deselect it and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Remove Bingsvc from the registry

When following this step it is recommended to make a backup copy of the registry in case everything goes wrong. First you have to press Windows + R, type ‘regedit’ and press Enter. Once inside the editor, you have to follow the path shown in the image, select the entry in question, delete it and then restart the system.

Uninstall Skype

To follow this solution you have to carry out the same process as with the binoculars bar: go to Control Panel, then to ‘Programs’, enter ‘Uninstall a program’, and while there select Skype and uninstall it . When the process is finished, you have to restart the computer to delete the residual files of the application.

Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight

Although few users reported problems receiving updates to this program, it goes without saying that this is also a Microsoft product ; so it could also be a cause. To uninstall this program, follow the same procedure as the uninstall procedure for Skype.

Well, you can see that the problem ‘Bsvc processor has stopped working’ can be extremely annoying, and sometimes even harmful, but not irreparable. By using any of these solutions, it will be possible to eliminate this fault, and be able to continue enjoying this great operating system and everything it can offer.


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