Fix; GWXUX has stopped working on Windows 10

GWXUX is the process that is responsible for downloading and installing updates for Windows 10.It is installed on the computer using Windows Update. This update is called KB3035583. With this, Get Windows 10 pop-ups are installed and then initiated by Microsoft. This GWXUX app has the ability to check the compatibility of your computer to run Windows 10 update and also prepare the computer to install it. Typically, this can also lead to overuse of Disk and, very rarely, CPU. In this article, we will try to fix all possible problems with the GWXUX.exe file.


  1. GWXUX has stopped working
  • Disable it in the task scheduler
  • Remove KB3035583 Windows Update
  • Using System File Checker

GWXUX has stopped working

1. Disable it in the task scheduler

We need to disable gwxux.exe to run from the task scheduler. To do this, we need to take the following steps.

First of all, start by searching for Task Scheduler in Cortana’s search box. Click on the corresponding result you get.

Now in the left pane, from the Task Scheduler Library, go to Microsoft> Windows> Customize> gwx.

When you select the GWX folder, you will get two tasks listed in that folder.

Select both of these tasks and disable them permanently.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect and check if your problem is fixed.

2. Remove KB3035583 Windows Update

Start by searching for Control Panel inside the Cortana search box. Then select the relevant entry to open the control panel.

Alternatively, you can press the WINKEY + R key combination to launch the Run utility . Now type Control inside it and just hit Enter. A control panel will open on your computer.

In the search box at the top-right side of the window, find View installed updates.

In the menu labeled Programs and Features, click the View Installed Updates link .

It will now display the entire list of updates installed on your computer from Windows Update.

Look for an update named KB3035583.

Select it and you will see a delete button appear at the top of the submenu ribbon, as shown in the snippet below. Select to uninstall this update.

When your computer finishes removing this update, simply restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

3. Using System File Checker

To run the System File Checker, press the WINKEY + X combo button, or right-click the Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin), or simply search for cmd in the Cortana search box, right-click the Command Prompt icon and select Run as administrator. Click Yes to open the User Account Control or User Account Control window. what are you getting. Then the Command Prompt window will finally open.

After that enter the following command:

sfc / scannow

And then press Enter. Have it scan the entire disk for errors and then restart your computer to see if it has fixed the error in the GWXUX.EXE file.

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