How to fix ‘Messenger has stopped’ error

All applications fail for various reasons, these failures cause the application to stop or not work normally . Messenger is no exception, this application can also have bugs, but these are easily solvable.

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  1. What should we do when Messenger stops on our devices?
    1. Reboot the device
    2. Clear cache
    3. Uninstall and reinstall the app
  2. How can I report a problem with the operation of Messenger?
    1. From the app
    2. With the website

What should we do when Messenger stops on our devices?

When Messenger has stopped, it is best to go to solve the possible error that has interrupted the normal processes of the application, otherwise the error may persist and affect data within the application and your Messenger account.

Reboot the device

If out of nowhere your Messenger application has stopped and has paralyzed your mobile, it is best to restart it; This will allow the mobile to continue working normally and the application stops affecting its operation, once you have restarted the mobile, try to enter Messenger again, and if the error persists, resort to solving the problem directly in the application .

Clear cache

The cache is a non-visible folder that is present within applications and contains files that are saved as the application is used; the cache memory can affect the operation of the application and the performance of the mobile , it is best to delete these types of files.

To delete the Messenger cache, you must enter the application information through settings or by pressing and holding the Messenger icon until you can access the information; In the ‘storage’ section you will see the ‘cache’ option and the ‘delete cache’ option, this will improve the operation of the application .

The cache memory also occupies space within the memory of the mobile, so deleting these files is useful to free up space as well; Whenever you clear an application cache, make sure it is the cache files and not the application information , because you can delete important data such as your account data.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

Errors within Messenger can also be due to a problem in the application, you can uninstall and reinstall the application to make it work again, this time without the files it saved throughout its previous operation.

To uninstall Messenger you can enter the application information through settings and select the ‘uninstall’ option, you can also do this by holding down the application icon and entering its information to uninstall it.

When you want to install the application again, you must enter the Play Store and place in the search engine ‘Messenger’, once you have found the application, proceed to install it again and test if this time it does not present errors in its operation .

Sometimes the application does not require an uninstallation and reinstallation; but rather an update in the application to the most current version. You can update Messenger by looking for it in the Play Store and pressing the ‘update’ option to have the most current version and that the application works without problems.

How can I report a problem with the operation of Messenger?

If the Messenger problem has not been solved despite having tried several ways from the application and from the mobile, you can go to report the problem that you present in the application and wait for the Messenger servers to present you with a solution .

From the app

You can report the problem through the Messenger application by entering the application and pressing the icon in the upper right corner to enter settings, go to the ‘account and help’ section to choose the option ‘ report a problem’ .

The option ‘report a problem’ will allow you to write a message where you must explain the error that occurred in your Messenger application , you have the option to add an image of the error you presented and then send it by pressing the icon in the upper right corner in the form of an arrow .

With the website

Reports can also be made from the Messenger website, if you are in Messenger from Facebook on your computer, log into your Facebook account and open your chats; press the three dots that are in the upper right part of the chat window and in the list of options select ‘ report a problem ‘.

You must write a message explaining the problem that you are presenting in the operation of the application, it is necessary to emphasize that this service is only to report errors in the operation of Messenger , since if you want to report the lack of a user this is not the means to do it.

The Messenger help service also offers you options to solve problems that may arise in your Messenger service. The reports sent are read and taken into account for future improvements in the application , an immediate response is not always obtained, so it is best to try to fix the problem from the mobile or the application.


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