How to fix ‘Twitter has stopped’ error on Android

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world, its users are super fans of the App and there are people who have used their account for a long time and continue to enjoy it as if it were the first time they used it.

This application has more than 330 million users and more and more people are registering to be part of this network. If what you want to do is be part of this incredible community, we can explain to you how to create an account on Twitter so that you do not miss the next tweets that everyone is about to send.

The application is mainly a great source of news, it is quite simple and easy to use, it works quite well and its concept in terms of showing the tweets of other users is quite original. But like any good application, even if it is very well executed, we can always find some errors or failures that do not allow us to enjoy the App as we want.

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  1. What to do if Twitter does not work?
    1. Reboot your device
    2. Clear the Twitter cache
    3. Delete the application data on your mobile
    4. Sign out of Twitter and sign in again
    5. Uninstall and install Twitter on your Android
  2. How to tell if Twitter servers are down
  3. What are the most common Twitter problems?
    1. Twitter won’t open
    2. Twitter does not load
    3. Notifications do not work in the App
  4. Android applications that close themselves
  5. Is the Twitter database working correctly?
  6. Can a Factory Reset fix an error on your Android?

What to do if Twitter does not work?

If your Twitter has stopped unexpectedly, do not worry, we will explain some very simple methods to solve the errors found in the application .

One of the most common errors that most users have reported is that when we open the application an ad appears with the following message ‘unfortunately Twitter has stopped’ and this can seem quite uncomfortable and annoying when we want to use the App Do not worry about this, it is not a bad thing and it has a fairly simple solution. Keep reading and we will explain how to solve this error.

When this message appears on our screen, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘my phone was damaged’ or ‘my Twitter was damaged’ but this is not the case, nothing has been damaged, when this appears normally it is because the App cache . It sounds quite complicated, but it is actually very easy to fix this problem. 

Reboot your device

The first thing you should do when this happens is to exit the application and restart your mobile phone . This will solve not only the problem you have with opening Twitter, but all the problems that you previously had accumulated on your phone. This happens because when we have not restarted or turned off our phone for many days, processes tend to accumulate in the memory that end up saturating the RAM and CPU of our Smartphone.

So restart the phone to fix all your problems . You just have to press and hold the power button for a few seconds and several options will appear, select ‘restart’ and that’s it. Wait for the phone to turn on again and open the application again.

Clear the Twitter cache

If the method of restarting the phone didn’t work, don’t worry, we have a second option to fix the error. When we use an application for a long time, some files, photos and garbage tend to accumulate, making the phone slow. That is why we must be aware of constantly clearing the cache of the phone . This process will be quite simple if you follow step by step what we will explain below:

  1. First, you must enter settings.
  2. When we are here we look for where it says ‘applications’ or how it appears on your device, since the options are different in the models.
  3. In this section we look for the Twitter App, enter and we will be in ‘application information’ and we will find the following options: application notifications, permission, storage, data use, battery and open by default.
  4. We click on ‘storage’ since this option is the one that will solve the problem for us.
  5. When we enter, we will find ‘clear cache’ and ‘clear data’ first click on clear cacheand when clearing the Twitter data we will see the following message: Delete the application data? All data in this application will be permanently deleted. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.
  6. Selecting that option will not cause your account to be deleted, so you can take it easy. It will only leave the application as if you had downloaded it for the first time in the Play Store and that’s it!

Delete the application data on your mobile

Another option that you could apply is deleting the Twitter data that is stored on your mobile; This is achieved by entering the phone’s settings, then looking for the applications and entering Twitter. Once there you go to the option to ‘delete data from the application’, click on accept and it will be executed that easily.

Sign out of Twitter and sign in again

In addition to the above possibilities and in case none have worked, we offer you another possible action to try, it is about closing and reopening your account on Twitter . To do this, you must first press the menu that is located in the upper right part of the app, there you click on log out.

You may wait a moment so that the app does not continue notifying the same error, so after at least 5 minutes, then you go back in. You write your username and password , so that later you just click on ‘start session’ and that’s it, your account will be opened.

Uninstall and install Twitter on your Android

Another way to try to solve the ‘Twitter has stopped’ problem is to remove the application and reinstall it . First go to the start of the mobile, hold down the application and slide to the top where it says ‘uninstall’ and then press accept, you wait for the process to be completed.

Then you must go to the application store of your cell phone , either Android or iOS; With the help of the search engine you write ‘Twitter’ and click on search, you select it and being inside you click on ‘install’ and then accept. Again you wait for the download to complete, open the app and enter your username.

How to tell if Twitter servers are down

Sometimes the problems for which Twitter does not work normally are related to issues of the app and not of the devices, their systems of the users. To know if it is a failure on the part of Twitter, first see if the internet connection you have is good and works normally , if so then we offer you other alternatives.

There are some applications that notify or verify the users of an app if it has suffered a detail with the servers of the same; We recommend DownDetector , which is a truthful application that informs users with complete certainty if Twitter or another social network has been down or not.

You can also go to the official blogs of the App that show in real time the problems that you are going through at the moment or those that you are not going through. In this sense you can visit: Twitter List; Twitter Status Blog or; API Status; All of these provide real and confidential information instantly to the users of this social network.

What are the most common Twitter problems?

In addition to stopping the app, Twitter can present more problems that many users are unaware of ; These inconveniences can vary in that it does not open, close by itself, do not load, do not notify and many more … Here we will explain why three of these Twitter errors occur and what you should do.

Twitter won’t open

This inconvenience can originate either because you do not have storage space, your phone is full of cache data and cookies; then you must clean your device, restart it or uninstall and reinstall the app.

Twitter does not load

This is when when you enter your Twitter you see that it does not advance or update, that is, it basically stays as it was when it was entered for the last time. The possible causes of this problem are that the app’s server is down or you don’t have an internet connection. In this case, you must verify both causes and give a timely response.

Notifications do not work in the App

You may also find that Twitter does not show you the notifications that come to you and those that come to you are usually frequent since you use it very often. Possibly it is because you have disabled notifications on your cell phone, it is in airplane mode, you have silenced it, you have blocked Twitter notifications, the battery level is very low or other options; so you must make sure of them and check the settings of both the mobile and Twitter directly.

Android applications that close themselves

Currently there are many applications that are closed without our wanting it, this is due to storage problems, cache data, cookies, virus on the device, system update, application malfunction and more. For this reason, there are some platforms that very frequently present this type of problem, here we provide you with the following list of the apps that are closed the most.

  1. Instagram
  2. Gmail
  3. System Android
  4. Google Books

Is the Twitter database working correctly?

The Twitter database is where all the data of your account is stored , that is, it accumulates a history of searches, preferences and bookmarks, files, data, profile, description and more. In general, this function runs normally and does not cause much inconvenience.

However, you can go to it from your account either on your mobile or PC; First you go to the options menu that is in the upper right corner of the screen, then you go to ‘settings and privacy’, there you press on account. While you are here, you look for your Twitter data and then ‘data and permission’; there you can delete some data to solve the problem and it will work correctly.

Can a Factory Reset fix an error on your Android?

Many users and specialists in the field consider that restoring the Android cell phone to factory settings does help to improve the operation of the device and even of some applications in particular. To execute this function you must do the following:

  1. Open the mobile settings / settings
  2. Look for the ‘reset options’
  3. There you click on ‘delete all data or factory data reset’
  4. Finally, click on ‘reset phone’ and voila, your device will turn on from scratch or as new.

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