How can I fix ‘The game has stopped working’ error?

How can I fix 'The game has stopped working' error?Modernity has brought with it many ways to entertain ourselves without having to leave home, such as video games. Minecraft is one of the games with the most users in the world , however it is possible to present some errors at the time of the game. For this reason, we will give you a solution for the minecraft launcher and one of the most common errors when playing.

Errors in a video game can occur for various reasons, and although they are not usually common, it is possible to encounter an error such as “The game has stopped working” , which we will talk about next. This error is constant in some Minecraft users , since they add patches that can generate conflicts with the original version of the game.


  1. How can I fix ‘The game has stopped working’ error?
  2. What to do if minecraft launcher not working solution?

How can I fix ‘The game has stopped working’ error?

This error can have many causes and end up being the one we least expect, therefore, if the “Game has stopped working” error occurs in your game of Minecraft , there are several things you will need to do to fix the problem.

  • Update your version of Minecraft.
  • Install the updateson your computer.
  • Also install any modsyou are using.

If after this the error still occurs, you should close some of the other programs that you may have open in the background , such as Browser, Skype or other programs .

What to do if minecraft launcher not working solution?

If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, you can take the following actions:

  • You must uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • You should also play with the default options and no mods.
  • Make sure you are playing with the latest version.
  • If you have installed a newer version and your problems started with it, you should consider going back to another option.

As you can see, the minecraft launcher solution for the “game stopped working” error is a simple process , you just have to take into account the solutions mentioned in this tutorial


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