How to easily view and copy the registry keys of a Windows PC?

Wondering How to view and copy the keys to register a Windows PC easily? Then you should read the following information in which we ‘ll talk about the famous Windows registry and what is the proper method to copy and save the keys to that record in the simplest way possible.

Windows Registry

Windows Registry is one of the most important tools and spaces of the operating system Microsoft. In the regard, both the system and installed programs save relevant information related to configurations thereof and the system overall.

This registry is nothing more than a database that stores all the configuration settings related to the OS and the applications installed on it. The Windows Registry would see the light in the year 1992, specifically in the version of the Windows 3.1 operating system and was intended to be a space in which to store all the related information about the system configurations.

Certainly the Windows registry is a fundamental and relevant part for the proper functioning of the computer. Therefore, when obtaining permissions to modify the Windows registry keys, it could generate instability within the system. Given this, it is recommended to act on it with enough discretion.

How is the Windows registry organized?

In relation to the operation of this tool, you should know that the Windows registry is divided into different logical sections , specifically the following:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM): Space in which all the settings related to the computer are stored , more specifically the local computer.
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (HKCR): This space stores all the information related to the applications present on the system.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU): All the keys present within this line are related to the configurations of the user or users who are using the computer at any given time.
  • HKEY_USERS (HKU): This space stores the keys present in the line mentioned above.
  • HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA: This space stores all the information related to performance data, provided directly by drivers or by the so-called kernel of the system.
  • HKEY_DYN_DATA: This line was used in operating systems of yesteryear, at that time it stored data related to the hardware and various devices connected to the computer.

Is it possible to view and copy the registry keys of a Windows PC?

Yes, Windows registry keys can be saved and stored very easily. In fact, you can make a total backup of all the keys stored on the device at a given time. It is also possible to add an access to the registry to the start menu . To view and copy the keys, please read the following information carefully.

How to easily view and copy the registry keys of a Windows PC?

If you want to copy the registry keys of a computer or make a backup copy of the registry , we recommend that you carefully read the following guide in which we will teach you how to do it properly:

  1. The first step is to access the Windows registry, which can be done in various ways, the first of which is through the start menu and typing “Run” to find the application for running programs. The other way is just by pressing Windows + R, which will launch the Run application.
  2. Once the “Execute” application has been opened, you must write the following “REGEDIT”, after this just click on the “OK” button
  3. The “Registry Editor” will be displayed on the screen, a very important tool in which many system and application configuration options appear.
  4. In case you want to make a backup or copy the registry keys present there, just go to the “File” section.
  5. By clicking on “File” you will find the “Export” option , which is the one you must select in the event that you want to properly save the Windows registry keys.
  6. When you do this, the system will ask you to select the folder in which you want to backup the Windows registry keys. Similarly, you must provide a suitable name and then click on the “Save” option .


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